[COMPLETED]Delhi T3 Flyout **My first flyout!** @ VIDP - 020915ZAPR20

I guess I gotta move my events earlier to get more people

Great looking flyout! You’ll make great ones in the future, I’m sure.

Unfortunately, this is at 1:15 AM for me. Y’all have fun!


@Udeme_Ekpo @Pajd02 @raoul_butler @Populeux_Music & @anon38496261, what if I changed the timings to 0630 Z??

I won’t be attending if it’s at 0630. That’s 2:30am for me

Time zones suck lol

K, what if i keep it at 0830? Can you wake up that early??

Anywhere from 1600Z to 0000Z works for me :)

Yeah, RIP time zones, lol.

That will be too early and I have to get some sleep at that time. So leave it at 5:15 AM 0915Z

Oof maybe not

Hey Everyone! I need some help. I was doing a flight to Cancun (MMUN) and after I started my decent I went to take a shower but when I returned to my phone I received 5 violations because I was going too fast under 10,000 ft. I have 4 events this week including this one and now i’m really stressed. So i went to the support tab but when i clicked the link to email them it didn’t work. Does anyone know if they indeed can take away the violations? If u have any information please let me know.

@raoul_butler, why are you typing this here though?

Cause i can’t reach support

PM a moderator or staff member. They can help you with it much better! Secondly, those violations may not be removed since it was a problem you faced, even though you may have not changed the A/P or anything. If you’re overspeeding, you can’t get away with it.

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Well next time don’t take a shower while playing Infinite Flight. Next time you’re gonna take a shower, you can hold at 12,000 FT and overshoot Cancun Airport and then turn around to land instead of you descending below 10,000 FT.
Do the Math:

Shower + Infinite Flight = Not a good idea


Thank You everyone for the feedback!

oh and I won’t be able to make the event because im out of grade 3 for a week

A suggestion if you dont mind.

You should add domestic routes for all airlines cause even LCC’s are operating out of T3 as everyone may not want to fly such a long flight.

Personally I would have loved to join it but I am not interested in flying long haul.

Great News! I told them the whole story and they said they’ll have a look! Keeping my hopes up!

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Yea sure, didnt have enough time to plan that, coz the ATC only shares the destinations 5-6 days in advance

:) Niceeee