(Completed) Dangerous Airports Vol. 1 @ TNCS - 082000ZDEC18

Touch and goes are not meant for this airport, if you want to talk about it in a PM I’ll be happy to answer

Can i get gate 01 at 2000Z

Sure thing, I’ll sign you up

When is it

I will fly TBM 930 to TNCM gate 01

I’ll put you in for GA01

Could i have any available gate please?

and what date is this event?

Ill sign you up, it is December 7th

Plnelovr see you there on the 7thh dec

There is less than a week left

Get your spot now!

A day now!

It’s today, you haven’t updated us or anything are you still participating?

Can I have GA1 at 2005Z in the C208 please?

Sure thing, I’ll sign you up

I might have to delay it by one day because I won’t be able to make it

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I can’t join sorry

I can’t join because you delayed it to today. I’m sorry

No problem

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