(Completed) Dangerous Airports Vol. 1 @ TNCS - 082000ZDEC18

Welcome to the first event of Worlds Most Dangerous Airports

This series explores all of the most dangerous airports, providing a challenge to pilots while allowing a good time.


Server: Expert

Airport: TNCS

Time: 2000Z


Gate 01| @Matthew_20204 |TNCM|Generic|C208

GA spots

GA02| @JeromeJ | ??|TBM930

Time: 2005Z


Gate 01| @JulianQ |TNCM|Generic|C208

GA spots

GA01| Empty | ???|C208
GA02| @DeltaFlyer99 | ???|TBM930

Time: 2010Z


Gate 01|Empty|TNCM|Generic|C208

GA spots

GA01| @Kamryn |TNCM|TBM930
GA02| @BennyBoy_Alpha |???|TBM930


  • TNCS is the shortest commercial runway in the world, use caution when taking off
  • Use Unicom respectfully
  • Have Fun!

Considering the size of the airport, I would consider making multiple rounds, so that way more then 3 people can attend.


True, but that’s why I gave it less than a week

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I’m not going to attend, though I want to say that if you are planning in including Sint Maarten on this, then it is not dangerous in any way, other then the mountain you have to swerve to avoid.

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I was not but thanks for the advice

Well I will attend, GA 2 time 2000Z

Sign me up! 'll take GA02, 2005Z.

Is this only for GA props… what about a CTX or CRJ or other smaller jets that could be considered Corporate

The runway or airport cannot hold anything bigger than a 208

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@DeltaFlyer99 and @JeromeJ

You are all signed up

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If you had written… SABA… l would have known it instantly…in any case l have previously landed an F-14 there by gradually cutting the throttle about a quarter of a mile out and semi gliding in with its thrust reversers…what about an SR-22 as well !

I’ll take GA02 at 2010Z in the TBM-930 to TNCM


I don’t think that a TBM can takeoff easily in only 1300 ft…have you tried it there before

Yes the TBM can take off in that distance! I have tried it before! Also why would @Plnelovr make it an avaliable aircraft if it couldn’t take off from that runway!

This airport is challenging no matter what, the TBM is able to takeoff if you practice.

The TBM will just barely stop right before the end of the rwy if you cut your throttle and slightly glide in on manual, takeoff is just a little earlier than 90 kts but not that big a problem, however l would not try t&gs unless you have had a lot of practice as there is almost no room for error !

Those event does not require touch and goes, only a takeoff

What is logic of taking off at an airport if you cannot land back there…are our planes brought their on a barge first and then off loaded by a crane so we can takeoff to somewhere else …airports and almost all aerodromes are designed for two way operations…and a C-172 or 208 only needs between 55 and 75 kts respectively for takeoff from that short rwy…not a problem !!!

I’d like gate 1 in the 747 to PANC please 😁

No jk lol, GA01 for 2010Z I’m the TBM930 to TNCM please

Sure thing, I’ll sign you up, 747 to Anchorage

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