(Completed :D) NAS Oceana Airshow @ KNTU - 29/301500ZSEP18

Greetings all airshow enthusiasts alike, I have yet another airshow coming for you! The last weekend of September, we will gather in Naval Air Station Oceana (KNTU) in Virginia Beach, VA for the largest airshow on the east coast! Expect the appearance of GAF demonstration teams, and unique airshow services such as; announcing, music and much more.

Basic Information
  • NAS Oceana (KNTU) Virginia Beach, VA USA
  • September 29th & September 30th
  • Casual Server
  • 1445Z (10:45AM EST) National Anthem
  • 1500Z (11:00AM EST) First Demo
  • 2000Z (04:00PM EST) Airspace closes
  • Show center is perpendicular taxiway about halfway down 5R/23L, just after run up taxiway for 5L.
  • Only Runways 5L/23R and 5R/23L will be used.

Discord Rules/Info

  • Follow all instructions given by staff members
  • Taking off without permission from an airboss will result in you being ultimately grounded for the show day.
  • All members (Staff/Pilots/Spectators) must have your microphones muted and put on Push to talk, to eliminate the threat of vocal interruption of announcers.
  • Upon joining the voice channel, please turn down Rythm Bot (Oceana services) to near mute, in order for you to hear the announcers communicate.

We are looking for pilots who have previous experience in airshow performances, including this year’s Oshkosh Airventure and more awesome events! This event will be the final public gathering for IFAEGAF’s demonstration team command this show season. If you are interested in strutting off your skills in either General Aviation or Military aircraft, feel free to apply below.

Note - I will not be accepting civilian airliner perfomances, as this is planned to be as realisitic as possible.

Saturday Performers

Sunday Performers

  • 1500: F16C Fighting Falcon @morgan99
  • 1530:
  • 1600: GAF/IFUSN FA/18C Hornet Demo @DeltaMD88Fan VFA-106
  • 1630: C130 Display @morgan99
  • 1700: IFUSN Air Power Demo VFA-102, VFA-103, VFA-105
  • 1730: GAF C17 Globemaster III (Premier!) @Toxic_Inferno7
  • 1800: GAF C130J-30 Display @Skyler.Cooper
  • 1830: GAF KC-10 Display @SunDown
  • 1900: GAF F22 @Nate_Schneller + GAF Viper Demo Team @DeltaMD88Fan + Heritage Flight (special appearance with the NEW A10 Demo team [@SunDown] to join the heritage flight!))
  • 1930: IFUSN Blueangels demonstration squadron

Event Partners

  • IFAE Global Air Forces
  • IFUSN [VFA-102, VFA-103, VFA-105, VFA-106]

All members who are attending, slots are limited and are desired. Keep me updated frequently on your availaility. All members attending, Must be on our discord server, and give us your callsign. If you are joining to spectate, let staff know of your intentions on the server, or else you will be marked as a possible troll/threat to the event. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see you at the most realistic airshow this year, Warwolf out!


Please make sure you use the proper title format:

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gotcha will fix, standby


KDC-10 will be there 👍🏼


How can I access this Airshow?


server link is posted.

Hi, can I open the show please at 1500Z in an F16?


Roger that! Will mark you in


Hi, regarding my display, firet 15 minutes of the slot will be F16 display, then second half will be Spitfire/ F16 heritage display. The spitfire will be operating out of a different airfield.

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who is flying the spitfire?

My brother (not on here)


roger, be aware that the GAF guys will be conducting something very similar later on during the day.


Yeah, I’ve seen it before and have no intention of stepping on that sort of level, mine is a one time thing.


copy that mate! cant wait to see it!


Infinite flight U.S NAVY will be performing the Air Power Demonstration featuring F18C Hornets! Stay tuned for more information, this will be one of this year’s multiple highlights!

Apply your performance to our airshow at any time! Read rules above prior to applying!

Performers slots are filling up quick! Take your slot while you still can!

In addition to my F16 display, could I please do a C130 display?

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Is it ok to take the 1630Z for the C130?

Roger! Ill add you to the schedule

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IFAEGAF F22 Raptor Demo team will be arriving at Oceana today for training! Viper demo team will be there on Monday.