(Completed) CYOW Fill-Up and Fly-Out! - 201600ZOCT18 | Sponsored by Porter VA and Air Canada VA!

Photo Credits to mg-architecture.ca
Edits by myself (@CR3W)

Welcome to the first Event made by @Xpira and I!

We have worked long and hard to bing you this, and we really hope you enjoy it, as much as we enjoyed making it!

What is CYOW?

Ottawa/Macdonald–Cartier International Airport or Macdonald–Cartier International Airport ( L’aéroport international Macdonald-Cartier in French), (IATA: YOW , ICAO: CYOW ) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is an international airport named after the Canadian statesmen and two of the “founding fathers of Canada”, Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Étienne Cartier. Located in the south end of the city, 5.5 nautical miles (10.2 km; 6.3 mi) south of downtown Ottawa, it is Canada’s sixth-busiest airport, Ontario’s second-busiest airport by airline passenger traffic, and Canada’s sixth-busiest by aircraft movements, with 4,839,677 passengers and 150,815 aircraft movements in 2017.

Source - Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport - Wikipedia


We have decided to put the Gate Assignments in a drop down to better compact the list. Please see below for your Gate!

Gate Assignments for CYOW
Gate Pilot Aircraft Airline Service to
Gate 01 CRJ2 Air Canada Washington, DC
Gate 02 DH8D Air Canada Boston, MA
Gate 03 @SF34 CRJ7 United Washington, VA
Gate 04 CRJ7 United Express Newark, NJ
Gate 05 CRJ2 United Newark, NJ
Gate 06 CRJ9 American Philadelphia, PA
Gate 07 --------- -------------- ----------------------
Gate 08 --------- -------------- ----------------------
Gate 09 --------- -------------- ----------------------
Gate 10 @AZA.DAL.610 CRJ2 Delta Air Lines Detroit, MI
Gate 11 @Xpira CRJ7 Mesa Washington, DC
Gate 12 CRJ9 Delta New York, NY
Gate 13 Q400 Air Canada Montreal, QC
Gate 14 B767-300 Air Canada London, UK
Gate 15 @Matei27 B767-300 Air Canada Frankfurt AM Main, Germany
Gate 16 @Rishon_R ERJ 175 Air Canada Toronto, ON
Gate 17 @Manga37 A321 Air Canada Vancouver, B.C
Gate 18 @Damian DH8D Porter Airlines Toronto City, ON
Gate 19 DH8D Air Canada Fredricton, NB
Gate 20 @Aquila DH8D Porter Airlines Toronto City, ON
Gate 21 DH8D Air Canada Quebec City, QC
Gate 22 @Charlieab29 DH8D Porter Airlines Toronto City, ON
Gate 23 DH8D Air Canada Jazz Halifax, NS
Gate 24 DH8D WestJet Toronto, ON
Gate 25 @CR3W DH8D Air Canada Montrèal, QC
Gate 26 DH8D WestJet Vancouver, B.C
Gate 27 @AlaskaAir CRJ9 Air Canada Halifax, NS
Gate 28 @WestJet737767 737-700 WestJet Calgary, AB
Gate 29 B737 Canadian North Airlines (Generic) Iqauit, YT

GA Gates
Gate Pilot Aircraft Livery Service to
GA Apron 01 TBM930 PRIVATE South Bend, IN
GA Apron 02 TBM930 PRIVATE Newark, NJ
GA Apron 03 C172 PRIVATE VFR
GA Apron 04 TBM930 PRIVATE Toronto, ON
GA Apron 05 C208 PRIVATE Niagra Falls, NY
GA Apron 06 CCX PRIVATE New York, NY
GA Apron 07 CCX PRIVATE Bismarck, ND

What is this Event?

This is our CYOW Fill-up and Fly-out!

We hope to give Ottawa some love, like it deserves!

Flight Details:

Server: We hope to have IFATC for this, but this Event will be on the Expert Server either way!

Departure Airport: CYOW

Arrival Airport: Depends on the Route you’ve taken

Departure Date & Time: October 20, 2018 4:00 PM

Sign-up to join is mandatory!

Check out Air Canada Virtual Airlines!

Check out Porter Virtual Airlines!

Thanks to our Sponsors who made this Event possible!



Can I get the gate for the flight to Toronto please. ACVA166

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What Airline will you be taking?

GA Apron 05 please, thanks!

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Air Canada for sure

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I’ll take gate 18 if its still available!

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I’ll take gate 3. I flew that exact route last summer!

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Gate 17 A321 to Vancouver air Canada for me thanks.

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Would’ve loved to come but it’s at 5am in the morning for me ! Have fun guys!

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Shoot, Wednesday at 12AM for me. I have school the next day, so I won’t be able to join huhuhu cries

Anybody want the last Porter gate? The Q400 is an amazing plane to fly…

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Date Change!

After looking over the date for a second time, I seem to have spotted a mistake on the date.

The Date reads as - Monday Oct. 22. at 1:00 PM Atlantic Time. It should be - Saturday Oct 20. at 1:00 PM Atlantic Time.

Sorry for the issue!

Sorry, going to have to cancel then because I’m going to be at camp. Sorry, wish I could be there

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I’ll take the other Porter flight at Gate 20 for CYTZ.

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@Aquila, you’ve been added! Hope to see you there.

@Rynjil_H sorry to hear you can’t come, let me know if theres a change and i can add you back, should there be more gates.

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Heyo MR crew sign me up!! I’ll take the DL cr2 to Detroit;) thanks!

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Hi, I’ll take Gate 16.

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Hmm? I thought westjet flew 737s to Ottawa from Calgary
I guess it is for space though.
If it can be changed to a 737, that would be great! Otherwise I will take the DH8D to YYC

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@WestJet737767 you’ve been added!

Event is tomorrow! Make sure to sign-up!

If most cant make it due to reason unknown, we can always push it back. Thanks!

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Sign me up! I will take the Air Canada CRJ900 to Halifax!

Put me in! ACVA145