(Completed) Celebrate Iceland-75 Years of Independence Flyout! @BIKF 271700ZJUN19

I may not live in Iceland but I know the people there are great so help me celebrate the day this island became a country!

Hello everyone! Join us on June 27 to celebrate Iceland’s independence with a flyout from the country’s capital, Reykjavik.



Time: *2019-06-27T05:00:00Z

NOTAM- Everyone be professional and of course have fun


Gate 01: WOW A330 to KSFO-@United_1154
Gate 02: WOW A330 to KJFK-@CommonAvionics
Gate 03: WOW A330 to EGLL-@alphaaviator101
Gate 04: Icelandair 752 to KBOS-
Gate 05: Icelandair 752 to KIAD-@baseball_inferno
Gate 06: SAS A330 to ESSA-
Gate 07: KLM 738 to EHAM-
Gate 08: BA A321 to EGKK-
Gate 09: Aer Lingus A320 to EIDW-
Gate 10: Air Canada A321 to CYYZ-@Kyan_Perry
Gate 11: United 739 to KORD-
Gate 12: American A321 to KPHL-
Gate 14: Icelandair 752 to KMCI-@JeromeJ


Stand 40-FI 752 to SFO @Altaria55
Stand 42-
Stand 44-
Stand 62-
Stand 63-
Stand 64-
Stand 65-
Stand 70-
Stand 71-
Stand 72-WOW A330 to KBWI-@Plane-Train-TV
Stand 73-
Stand 74-
Stand 75-
Stand 77-
Stand 79-


Hi! Just going to point out that WOW Zaire never operated this route. They flew to EGKK and EGSS, not EGLL


Sorry I’ll change that

Also there should be a lot more Icelandair…


I’ll take gate 14 to Kansas City

And you should have more Icelandair than WOW because WOW is done and gone


Hi. May I take a gate to SFO? Thx

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I know I could not think at the moment so I just went off memory

Gate 05 please!

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Ok your all signed up and I added more Icelandair flights

instead of just doing baseball_inferno, you can @ people, like @baseball_inferno

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Oh ok I was trying to figure that out I will change it now

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Can I take gate 2 please to JFK

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Of course, you’re all signed up

Can I take Stand 72 to KBWI? It would be a WOW air A330.

Yes absolutely, I’m glad we finally have a stand taken

Can I have the Air Canada a321 to cyyz?

Yes absolutely

Thank you, see you there!!

Put me on standby for a FI B752 to KSFO, please.

Ok will do