(Completed) Caribbean Crusin' Volume II - Presented by Caribbean Virtual Airlines @ MYNN - 152100ZSEP18

Carribean Cruisin’ Volume II

Presented by Carribean Virtual Airlines

About the Series:

Welcome to Caribbean Airlines’s brand-new event series! Throughout this series, we will explore the Caribbean in a variety of aircraft, discovering new airports and beautiful scenery! We hope to see you join us for a volume or two along the way!

About Volume II:

You asked and we answered! Fly with Carribean Virtual as we cruise in our 737’s from MKJP, Kingston International to MYNN, Nassau International for stunning views.

Flight Details

Event Time: Saturday, September 15, 2018 9:00 PM

Server: Training,
PM for ATC Opportunities!

Departing: MKJP [Kingston International Airport]

Projected Flight Time: 1 Hour

Arriving: MYNN [Nassau Adams International Airport]

Aircraft: B738, Carribean Airlines Livery

Information Such as Departing and Landing Runways, Speeds and Cruise Altitudes, and Flight Plans will be given closer to the departure date.

Gate Assignments

You do not have to be a Caribbean Virtual Pilot to Participate!

Gate Pilot Callsign
01: @rileymoyer CVA274
02: @VAnuj CVA007
03: @Clinton_Stack1 CVA0024
04: @Cpt_elpuru
05: @AllegiantAir
06: @esant_15 Caribbean 414
07: @Qx1056 CVA085
08: @Plnelovr CVA085
09: @QFA_12 Caribbean 12
Cargo Ramp10: @Jakub_Astary1
Cargo Ramp 11: @ThomasThePro Caribbean 16
Cargo Ramp 15: @Pilot_SK Caribbean 189
Cargo Ramp 16: @Noah_Ratuszny1 Caribbean 134
Cargo Ramp 16A: @TaterToT3565 Caribbean 007
Cargo Ramp 17: @Albert_a01 Caribbean 470

To request a gate, please respond with your preference and callsign. For Caribbean Virtual Members, please use your CVA Callsign. For Non-Members, please use ‘Caribbean’ located under the airlines tab.

More Gates will be added if needed.

Extra Info

  • Please make sure you are using proper etiquette while flying in this event.
  • ATC may be provided as this will be on the Training Server. If not, please use Unicom properly.
  • Please spawn 5-10 minutes prior to our scheduled departure thread.
  • Please monitor the event group PM for real-time instructions.

About Caribbean Virtual

Caribbean Virtual is the sole Virtual Airline to operate mainly in the Caribbean, with a variety of routes from island hops to flights to Canada! With Caribbean Virtual, you experience a professional, but fun atmosphere, and fly to beautiful destinations across the Caribbean and North America. With friendly staff, and 100% of Caribbean Airlines’s real routes on top of over 36 round-trip codeshares, what’s not to love?

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Man, I wish my live subscription didn’t end :(

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Sign me up! CVA007, excited to come!

Sign me up CVA0024. I’m definitely coming.

Fill me in. 20 characters

I’ll get you all assigned shortly!

@Cpt_elpuru please refrain from using filler to bypass the 20 characters rule in the future. Thanks.

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@VAnuj: You have been assigned Gate 2.
@Clinton_Stack1: You have been assigned Gate 3.
@Cpt_elpuru: You have been assigned Gate 4.

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Im good for a Gate. CVA 054 Tracy

I’ll take a gate CVA085

the event at what time would it be in Zulu? 21: 00Z?

That is correct. The time in the thread is displayed in your local time zone.

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I’d like to join please!

Can I have a gate? Callsign Caribbean 414.

@AllegiantAir: Gate 5 is yours. See you there!
@esant_15: Gate 6 for you! Thanks for your interest :)
@Qx1056: You have been assigned Gate 7.
@Plnelovr: Gate 8 is all yours!

Glad to see people are interested in the event! Why not join us on the flight?

Ill join any gate thank you

Calsign Caribbean 12

Gate 09 is all yours! Have fun :)

Our flight takes off tomorrow and there are still pleanty of gates left. Reserve yourself a spot today! :)

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Is it 5 eastern time

Yes - the time in the event thread is displayed in your local time zone.