[Completed]#BroncoStrong Humboldt Airstrip Fly-In @ CYXE - 102200ZAPR18

Server: Expert

Region: Saskatchewan, Canada

Airport: CYXE

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: *Short notice, but I believe this is an important event to hold.

Tomorrow Canada will be the focus region on the Expert server, and I believe this gives us a great opportunity to pay tribute to those affected, and those who lost their lives in the Humboldt tragedy this past weekend. Starting at 2200Z on April 10th, I would like to start a group flight at Saskatoon International Airport. We will fly together to CJU4, a small airstrip located in the town of Humboldt, to pay our respects to the victims and their families.

Prop GA aircraft only. Follow all ATC instructions when available. This event is on the Expert Server and ghosting will be enforced. There is great meaning to this event, and it hits very close to home for some people, myself included. Please conduct yourself in a respectful manner at all times. Route information will be posted later today.*

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Wait what happened??

The Humboldt Broncos Junior A Hockey Team’s bus was T-boned by a semi truck over the weekend. The accident killed 15 people, most of them players between the ages of 16-21, on board the bus, and injured many others, with some in critical condition. If you google Humboldt Broncos, there are several news articles on what happened.


This new was very sad and humbling when I heard about this horrific news. I wish I could join this event but unfortunately I don’t have time. I wish the family the best going through this.

This is a huge tragedy, considering this happened so close to me. My class is creating cards to those effected tomorrow. Condolences to them.


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For those who missed it.

I was out with a few people working in the hospital where the worst of the injured were sent when news started coming in. The first indication that something was horribly wrong was when many off-duty staff received calls to come in and assist in whatever way possible. Even those without relevant qualifications were asked to assist in a general capacity. It was clearly not a drill when you have three helicopters coming in with victims of serious trauma. The mood was sombre for the rest of the night as everyone digested the news and looked for updates. No one in our group was needed in hospital by the time the dust settled at around 10PM, but it was clear something went horribly wrong.

We started getting news the next morning about how 14 people were confirmed dead with many severe injuries. This has hit many communities hard and many are still digesting the shock. I will try my best to attend and show solidarity with those affected by this terrible tragedy.


I would love to come to this event. But I have school tomorrow, so I won’t be able to come.

I feel bad for the Broncos. They never deserved this.


30 minutes until the event starts! I will be on Tower and Ground ATC at CYXE, and then takeoff after everyone else has left.

We will be flying direct between CYXE and CJU4, the parking area at CJU4 is right next to the start of Runway 28. You may either park here, or if traffic doesn’t allow, you may park on the grass clear of all runways. There will be no ATC in Humboldt, so please use Unicom appropriately.

Would still love to have more people join this very important event!! It’s only a short flight (around 50nm)

Full Route Information:

Departing: CYXE
Destination: CJU4
Aircraft: Any Prop GA Aircraft
Route: Direct
Altitude: 7000ft
Speed: 100kts IAS


I will be there, where should we park at cyxe?
Also my condolences to the families of those injured or killed in this tragedy #broncostrong

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Use any of the open spots in either the hangars or de-icing ramps.

Ok thanks see you there!

I am now opening tower and ground at CYXE. I will remain open until 2230Z for anyone who wishes to join late.

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I just took off in the SR22, callsign ‘SIMSY’

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Thanks to those who came out!


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Good for u for making this event


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