[Completed] Bradley Flyout @ KBDL - 221800ZJUN19

gate 4 please

All yours!

Gate A27, please, UVAL070, in an A320, heading over to KIAD! Thanks!

Would you prefer gate A22? It’s listed as this route.

That’s would be great; thanks! Also KBDL is my home airport, I love to see we have an event!

It’s my home airport as well! Also gate A22 is yours :)

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Thanks! See you there!

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The event is now two weeks away…don’t forget to grab a gate if you’re interested in joining!!

I’ll take a gate ups to kont

This one :) also because it will use my fav series in 737 😎😎

@QFA_12 UPS 02 is yours!

@ouzi This route is pretty great too ;) Gate 12 is yours!

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Gate 3 please

Great, see you there!

I will take a American 737-800 down to KDFW, any gate is fine, thanks!

Gate 27 to DFW is yours!

It’s a week away!😁

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The event is now a week away…if you still haven’t signed up for a gate you still have time!

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I’ll take JetBlue to DCA

Gate 08 to DCA is yours!

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I lol take a gate United 787 to EIDW (Dublin)