[Completed] Bradley Flyout @ KBDL - 221800ZJUN19



Bradley International Airport Flyout

Bradley International is the largest airport in the state of Connecticut which serves the city of Windsor Locks. It is the second busiest airport in New England, after Boston’s Logan airport. Bradley offers a variety of flights across the United States and has several international destinations, including one to Dublin on Aer Lingus’ 757-200.

Bradley’s nine-thousand foot runway can accommodate most aircraft including the a380 and 747-8 which visited BDL a couple years back on their world tour. Bradley is also home to Pratt & Whitney which is based in East Hartford, Connecticut. BDL is occasionally visited by the Antonov-124 which delivers parts for engines.


Event Information

Server : Expert

Airport : KBDL

Time : 2019-06-22T18:00:00Z


  • Please arrive at your respective gate 15 minutes early to allow for preparation
  • Flight plans are not provided to you
  • Be professional as we are on expert server


East Concourse
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate 01 Air Canada Dash-8 Toronto (CYYZ) @anon41771314
Gate 02 Southwest 737-800 West Palm Beach (KPBI) @Gavin_cx
Gate 03 JetBlue A320-200 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @Patrick_O_Reilly
Gate 04 Southwest 737-800 St. Louis (KSTL) @Dart
Gate 06 Southwest 737-700 Baltimore (KBWI) @JeromeJ
Gate 07 Delta CRJ-900 Raliegh-Durham (KRDU)
Gate 08 JetBlue E190 Washington D.C. (KDCA) @IF_Aviation1
Gate 09 Delta 717-200 Minneapolis (KMSP) @Delta_Dave
Gate 10 Delta 737-900 Atlanta (KATL)
Gate 11 Delta CRJ-900 Cincinnati (KCVG)
Gate 12 Delta 737-900ER Cancun (MMUN) @ouzi
West Concourse
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate 20 United CRJ-700 Chicago (KORD)
Gate 21 United 737-900 Denver (KDEN)
Gate 22 United A320-200 Washington D.C. (KIAD) @Blake_Stephens
Gate 23 United 737-800 Chicago (KORD)
Gate 24 Frontier A321-200 Orlando (KMCO) @Infinite_Flight-787
Gate 25 Spirit A320-200 Orlando (KMCO) @Armani_B
Gate 26 Spirit A320-200 Myrtle Beach (KMYR) @Theman10
Gate 27 American 737-800 Dallas (KDFW) @Maxwell_Stephens
Gate 28 American A320-200 Charlotte (KCLT) @esant_15
Gate 29 American 737-800 Miami (KMIA) @Airwolf
Gate 30 American 737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Cargo & GA
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
FedEx Feeder 01 FedEx Cessna 208 Newark (KEWR)
UPS 01 UPS 757-200 Louisville (KSDF)
UPS 02 UPS 757-200 Ontario (KONT) @QFA_12
UPS 03 UPS 757-200 Philadelphia (KPHL)
East GA 01 TBM-930 Islip (KISP) @Dylan_M
East GA 03 TBM-930 Teterboro (KTEB) @PlaneGeek

Other GA gates available upon request

Other Routes

These routes can be used upon request and can substitute in for one from above if desired

Airline/Aircraft Destination
Air Canada Dash-8 Montreal (CYUL)
American CRJ-700 Philadelphia (KPHL)
Delta CRJ-900 Cleveland (KCLE)
Delta 717-200 Detroit (KDTW)
JetBlue A320-200 Fort Myers (KRSW)
UPS 757-200 Chicago (KRFD)
UPS 757-200 Providence (KPVD)
UPS 757-200 Albany (KALB)


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Hope to see a lot of you at Bradley!!

Gate 6 please

Gate 6 is yours!

I’ll take Gate 21 to Denver

Nice event you have! I’ll take East GA 01 to KISP.

I’ll take gate 28 to CLT. :)

@Matthew_20204 nice, all yours!

@Dylan_M Thanks! You’re added.

@esant_15 Great, you’re added!


I’ll take MYR in the A320

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All yours!

I’ll take southwest to st louis

Sorry l take southwest to palm beach

Sorry but may I change to East GA 03 to KBID in a Cessna C172

About time we are doing something at KBDL

Gate A09 Airbus 321

Gate 09 is listed as a 717, is this okay?

@Matthew_20204 Changed it for ya :)
@Gavin_cx Gate 02 is yours!

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KBDL can fit all types of AC, A09 used to hold a B777

Nice, just tried to keep the aircraft as realistic as possible since the 717 and MD-90 usually fly this route.


Nice, I’ll put you in for it!