(Completed) Boeing 717 retirement from Aviation Airways/Corporate @ PHNL - 201900ZAPR17

Server: Expert Server, Training Server 1

Region: Hawaii Region

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1900Z-0200Z (3:00pm EST-10:00pm EST)

NOTAM: If ATC is available, please listen to the instructions given to you, or you will end up being ghosted. The Livery must be Generic if you are joining.

Hello Everyone! This week’s event will be a sad one as we retire the Boeing 717 from our fleet. We’ve had a great run using the Boeing 717 mainly in the Hawaii region. We will say goodbye to this great aircraft by having a special event this Thursday at 3pm EST to 10pm EST. There is no route set, and what better place to retire the aircraft than to use it for the last time in Hawaii. The Boeing 717 will be replaced by the Embraer E175, which will be debuted sometime later this month. We hope to see you soon at our event! You may request a gate assignment if you would like to join! Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this event!

PHNL (Domestic Terminal) Gate Assignment
Gate 54: @Daniel_Cerritos
Gate 55: @JacobVanZanten
Gate 56: @DeltaCRJ-900
Gate 57: @Futuregamer
Gate 58:
Gate 59:
Gate 60:
Gate 61:


Hey I would like a gate any gate and it’s sad that the 717 is getting replaced one of my fav aircrafts

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You’ve been assigned a gate! See you at the event!

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Alright thanks mate :)

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Today’s the day we retire the Boeing 717! We hope to see you guys at the event today! I will be in the Expert Server!

Thanks for those who came, had to end early since I had to go to bed.

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