(COMPLETED) Bermuda Flyout! @TXKF 021830ZFEB20

Hi! This is my first time attempting to create a flyout so I thought 'Why not have my home airport (TXKF) be the airport as it is rarely featured in the ATC schedule. It also will give a chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery at Bermuda!

Server: Expert server

Airport: L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF)

Time: 2020-02-02T18:30:00Z

▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before we start
▪ Respect Unicom and all other pilots
▪ More Info will be given closer to the event date
▪ If you take a GA spot, I suggest a CCX or larger because Bermuda is quite far from mainland US
▪ If you need to cancel, try to tel me a few days before the event as to give time for people to take your spot

History of Bermuda’s Airport:

About Bermuda itself:

Commercial Gates

1 Left
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
02 Delta A319 KJFK @PlaneGeek
03 American 737-800 KJFK @Dreadjack888
04 American 737-800 KLGA @Lil_Seedy_Boi
05 American 737-800 KMIA @Neto_Campelo
06 British Airways 777-200ER EGKK @Pingu
07 United 737-800 KEWR @Tsumia
08 Air Canada A319 CYYZ

(If you want a route changed and it is within reason, I’ll change it)

GA Gates

3 Left
Gate Aircraft Destination
Apron III Choice Choice
Apron IV TBM-930 TXKF @Ecoops123
Fbo Cedar Aviation Services 01 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation Services 02 Choice Choice

I hope you sign up!

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Can I please have gate 06 to EGLL?

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You sure Can!

New Additions:
@Pingu ✔️
@Tsumia ✔️
@anon57683537 ✔️

Last time I checked, BA doesn’t fly to Heathrow from here. They fly to EGKK

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Whoops my bad.

@Pingu Do you mind if I change it to EGKK as its more realistic?

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No problem! Sounds good!

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Thanks for understanding!

@Tsumia would you like a gate?

I might bail but I’ll take 07 to KEWR. Can I do it with an 800? Not a great fan of the 900.

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I’ll put you down for the 737-800!

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Ooh BDA! Could I take a gate to YYZ?

Edit: could it be an AC A320?

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I’ll put you in place of the west jet flight.

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Can I have the gate to KATL?

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Hey! Can you sign me up to KBOS?

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Absolutely. I’ll sign you both right up!

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New additions:
@Infinite_Qantas ✔️
@mark.gregor.jaaska ✔️

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I found out that there is a new weekly route La Guardia on Saturdays so I’m going to put it in in place of the flight to Philadelphia as that flight was canceled last week.

I’m going to change the date to an earlier date as i’m planning another flyout on march 14th.
The New date is 2020-02-02T18:30:00Z. Also to comply with the new rules about events

@Tsumia @Infinite_Qantas @anon57683537 @Pingu @mark.gregor.jaaska
Are you all still able to come on 2020-02-02T18:30:00Z