[Completed] Beautiful Hawaii Island Formation Flight @PHNL - 011900ZJUN19

What gate would you like

I will take B15

Ok I’ll put you down for B15

Glad you are able to attend @schmidty4198

me too I only need like 2k or less xp

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Great effort. It will be a cool feeling when your able to fly on expert. Just keep on flying an you’ll get to grade 5 like me in no time 😀

Just run some patterns @schmidty4198

What are the benefits of the grades 4 and 5? Theres only 3 servers

Yeah I set a long flight on casual when I sleep so that it gets xp lol

May I have gat 14 callsign: Blue One 453

Yes you can. I’ll add you today

The only benefit is if your grade 4 your username is green and if your grade 5 its orange. There’s not really any benefit but other people your flying with will think you know what your doing.

I never do long-haul flight expert so if the game freezes and bugs out I don’t get ghosted for overspeeding.

You can’t trust auto pilot for everything

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i might be able to attend it is 4 am for me on a sunday but maybe i wont have school.

If i can attend i will have gate 3 and my call sign is LA373JA

I request CVG. It is my hometown international airport and where I work is on the cargo ramp. I would love to see some ramp slots filled there besides me and my friend and ATC would be cool.

Ok. I will add you today.

You have been added to the event. Thanks for joining!