[Completed]BAVA,ACVA,VGVA to CYYC @EGLL- 201400ZOCT18


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Event Description

This event will have three awesome different VAs flying out of one of the busiest airports in the world London-Heathrow. We will depart out of EGLL heading over the Atlantic barrelling towards the Eastern Canadian Coast. We will finally as three VAs land into beatuiful Canada.
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Event Details

Date- Saturday 20, October 1400Z

Server- Expert Server

Depature: EGLL London Heathrow
October 20, 2018 2:00 PM

Aircraft- Boeing 787-9
Air Canada | Virgin Atlantic | British Airways

Arrival- CYYC Calagray International Airport
October 20, 2018 11:00 PM

Flight Time- 9hrs planned

Flight Details

Depature Details

Expected Runway: 27L
Climb Instructions:

Altitude Air Speed V/S
FL 100 210 Knots +2,200
FL 210 310 Knots +2,200
FL 270 Mach. 83 +2,200
FL 320 Mach.85 +2,200
Cruise Details

Intiall Cruise Altitude- FL 320
Cruise Speed- Mach .85

If needed Climb to FL340 is approved

Arrival Details

Expected Runway: 17L
Intiall Descent Begins- 130NM
Descent Instructions:

Altitude Air Speed V/S
FL 270 Mach.83 -1,200
FL 210 310 -1,200
FL 016 280 -1,200
FL 100 249 -1,200

Below FL010 is up to you on speed and descent. Remember to maintain separation by at least 5NM on final

Flight Plan

EGLL 5128N/039W 5128N/101W CPT KENET 5134N/143W 5146N/309W DIKAS MEDOG LANON BADSI LIPGO ERNAN APSOV KESIX SUNOT 5900N/2000W 6200N/3000W 6400N/4000W 6500N/5000W AVPUT NALDI DUTUM 6344N/6833W 6225N/7755W AVOKU YYL ROMDA LITGO YVC 5214N/11257W URPON ELERO R2891 CYYC

Planned Distance: 3863NM
Planned Flight Time: 8.49
Block Fuel: 59,127 KGS


  • Spawn in 10 mins before depature

  • Expect a 27L depature our of London and a 17L arrival into Calgary

  • Please listen to all instructions given out by any VA staff member

  • Maintain 5-10nm separation in all parts of the flight

  • Stay for some cool picture of all 3 VAs

Gate Assignments

You can request for any gate even if your not in any of these VAs

British Airways Gates

Gate 561 @Liam_Smart Speedbird 296
Gate 562 @Adam_Williams
Gate 563 @Branstar_247
Gate 564 @Anthony_Wilcox
Gate 565 @Krasnimish
Gate 566 @Oliwillard
Gate 567 @BaguetteMatty
Gate 568 @AngelaB
Gate 551 @CaptainCam
More will be added if needed

Virgin Atlantic Gates

Gate 316: @Trevor_A Virgin 1
Gate 317 @ADDY28
Gate 318 @Domconnor
Gate 319 @Matei27
Gate 320 @Christopher_Coyne
Gate 321 @Laurent_Wellman
Gate 322 @indraniel

More will be added if needed

Air Canada Gates

Gate 221L @natedog508 ACVA001
Gate 221 @The_Geniusman ACVA002
Gate 223 @AZA.DAL.610 ACVA175
Gate 224 @AsternAviation
Gate 225 @OC212
Gate 226 @Sebastian9915
Gate 301 @IFaviationeldin
Gate 303 @EthanT2
Gate 305 @ThomasThePro
Gate 307 @Alex_Lopresti
More can be added if needed

How to request a Gate:

Airline Wanted
Gate Wanted
Are you in any of these VAs

Check out these VAs

Virgin Group VA

Air Canada VA

British Airways VA

No VA or staff member is responsible for any violations or ghosting taken in this event


You do not have to be in these VAs to participate


@natedog508 Got you all signed up at 221L as ACVA001

@Liam_Smart got you signed up as BAVA 004

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@ADDY28 @Domconnor I got you guys signed up with gates next to me

Virgin Atlantic
You know the callsign @Trevor_A

Got you all signed up next to me and addy

Sign me up ACVA002

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Gotcha on there

Sign me up ACVA-175 pls;)

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Gotcha you on there. Thanks for joining

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Got you on @Christopher_Coyne

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I’d like to take Gate 568
Speedbird 323

Sign me up pls!
Gate: 226
Air Canada 851
See ya there!

Why are these events always on Expret


Flight Level 010 is 1000 feet, and you plan to go 249kts at 1000 feet.

10000ft is Flight Level 100 (FL100)

Sign me up; ACVA248

Sign me up ACVA 005

Sign me up ACVA217 gate 224

@anon11948201 we do Expert because ghosting is enforced and people following directions are normally on Expert

@BennyBoy_Alpha Thanks fo pointing the type out

Everyone else you have been assigned gates

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Ill take gate 567. Finally an event i can attend

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