[Completed] Baltic Flying! - @ EVRA - 081600ZSEP18

Server: Training

Airport: EVRA

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in 5-10 minutes before 1600Z, recommended airline AirBaltic or anyone else who flies to RIX/EVRA.

Riga is my home airport, and is located a few miles out of central Riga, is medium-sized, and has quite a few airlines flying out of it.

Finally, and most importantly, please don’t come to troll!
(I’m not asking for callsigns because Riga is NEVER busy.

Gate 308 - @Latvia (me)
Gate 307 - @2003iggy
Gate 306 - @Jack_Winston
Gate 305 - @Finnairer
Gate 304 - @QFA_12
Gate 303 -
Gate 302 -
Gate 301 -
Gate 300 -
Gate 108 -
Gate 107 -
Gate 106 -
Gate 105 -

Tower - @esant_15
Approach -

This is my first event, so have fun!


Put me down for 307 please!

You are in for 307! Thanks for coming to the event!

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U still up for the event? Or should we push it back for other people?

I would say we push it back imo.

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Done, and the edit pushes it to the top of home screen! Lol

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Count me in!
Put me down for 306

you are down for 306!

Is this 12 pm today just wondering?

Looks fun! Can I have 305?

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You are down for 305!

@Jack_Winston no, it’s 1600 Zulu time, so -0

Just making sure it’s today?

No, first 2 digits are the date, so it’s the 7th of September

Shoot I’m so sorry!!! I’m going back to school. I won’t be able to make. If you have another event like this I’ll try and make it. Again I apologize!!

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Lol, Thanks for telling me! Just realised me too 😂

Now it’s the 8th @Jack_Winston

Oh I’ll be able to make for sure than!!! Cya there!

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Sign me up sounds fun

You are up for 304 @QFA_12!