[Completed] Aviation Airways New Years Eve Rush Hour @ KMHT - 311800ZDEC17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: New England

Airport: KMHT

Time: 1800Z

18:00Z in other Time Zones:
1pm EST
12pm CST
11am MST
10am PST
8am AKST
7am HAST
-International Time Zones-
5pm [6pm Daylight Savings] (UK, Ireland, Iceland, Scotland)
9pm (Middle East)
(+1 day) 1am Beijing, Hong Kong
(+1 day) 2am Seoul, SK, Tokyo, JP
(+1 day) 1:30am Pyongyang, North Korea
(+1 day) 4am Sydney, AUS
(+1 day) 6am Auckland, NZ

NOTAM: If Air Traffic Control is present, please follow all instructions carefully. Also, thank you for taking your time to view this event!

NOTAM 2 : This is a Medium sized airport. When the airport is filled to the max, expect delays when taxiing to the runway, as the Taxiway that may be used might be filled with airplanes waiting to depart. There will be times where you might be stuck at where you are for a couple of minutes before you can taxi to the runway. Thank you for your patience.


Aviation Airways would like to present to you our first ever event for the upcoming New Year!

On December 31st, Aviation Airways will be hosting an event for the New Years Eve rush hour out of Manchester, our Main Hub.

This event is going to as realistic as possible, with various airplanes that will be used on routes Aviation Airways has scheduled from Manchester, which is our Main Hub. We would like to have you come fly with us and experience the rush when KMHT is filled with various airplanes departing to different places! Are you able to handle the Rush? Join us in this Holiday Rush event, and we hope that you will enjoy the Event as it takes place!

Learn more about our Virtual Airline here:

Our Goal for this Event is to Fill the Entire Airport for the Rush Hour to begin, and to have an awesome photoshoot while parked!

Here is a list of Available gates that will be utilized at KMHT. All Gates will be assigned an AV (Aviation Airways) number, as well as an Airplane that will be flown on that route (Example: Gate 1 [Username] AV123 Dash 8 KMHT-KLGA) There will also be an estimated Fuel time next to the route, so make sure to have enough fuel! (HH:MM)

Think before you choose a gate. Will you be able to make the flight with no interruptions? Choose a Gate that you will be able to do, Whatever Gate you choose, you will do the Route it is assigned

Commercial Gates

Gate 1: @Daniel_Cerritos AV112 Airbus A320 KMHT-KMLI (03:00)
Gate 2: @AgusAeromexico AV223 Airbus A319 KMHT-KDCA (01:30)
Gate 3: @WardellStephenCurry AV345 Airbus A321 KMHT-KDEN (04:55)
Gate 4: @Infinite_Flight_Dude AV679 Boeing 737-700 KMHT-CYYZ (01:55)
Gate 5: @Matt02 AV113 Boeing 737-700 KMHT-KATL (02:30)
Gate 6: OPEN AV641 Embraer E175 KMHT-CYUL (01:50)
Gate 7: @Lufthansa2 AV332 Embraer E175 KMHT-KPHL (01:20)
Gate 8: @AndrewWu AV212 Airbus A319 KMHT-KCLE (01:30)
Gate 9: OPEN AV566 Airbus A319 KMHT-KCLT (02:10)
Gate 10: OPEN AV572 Dash 8 Q400 KMHT-KLGA (01:06)
Gate 11: @Nathan AV889 Boeing 737-700 KMHT-KDTW (02:10)
Gate 12: OPEN AV871 Boeing 737-700 KMHT-KORD (02:58)
Gate 14: OPEN AV954 Boeing 737-800 KMHT-KFLL (03:20)
Gate 15A: OPEN AV993 Boeing 737-800 KMHT-KTPA (03:05)

RON Stands (Airbus A318 and Dash 8 Only)

Hardstand 1: OPEN AV673 Airbus A318 KMHT-CYHZ (01:15)
Hardstand 2: OPEN AV411 Airbus A318 KMHT-KJFK (01:25)
Hardstand 3B: OPEN AV732 Airbus A318 KMHT-KMYR (03:00)
Hardstand 5: OPEN AV121 Dash 8 Q400 KMHT-KISP (01:30)
Hardstand 6: OPEN AV334 Dash 8 Q400 KMHT-KMEM (02:55)
Hardstand 8: OPEN AV676 Dash 8 Q400 KMHT-KIND (02:15)
Hardstand 10: OPEN AV666 Dash 8:Q400 KMHT-KEWR (01:00)

Cargo Stands

UPS 1: OPEN AV232 DC-10F KMHT-KSDF (02:10)
UPS 2: OPEN AV222 DC-10F KMHT-KCLE (01:30)
FedEx Express 3: @MathAviation7 AV296 DC-10F KMHT-KMEM (02:55)
FedEx Express 4: OPEN AV311 MD-11F KMHT-KDEN (04:55)
FedEx Express 5: OPEN AV333 MD-11F KMHT-KCVG (02:20)
FedEx Feeder 01: OPEN AV101 Cessna C208 KMHT-KBML (02:30)
FedEx Feeder 02: OPEN AV102 Cessna C208 KMHT-KHIE (02:35)
FedEx Feeder 03: OPEN AV103 Cessna C208 KMHT-KLEB (01:30)
FedEx Feeder 04: OPEN AV104 Cessna C208 KMHT-KBTV (01:55)
FedEx Feeder 05: OPEN AV105 Cessna C208 KMHT-KPWM (01:55)
FedEx Feeder 06: OPEN AV106 Cessna C208 KMHT-KPVD (03:55)

Signature Flight Support (Long Haul Flights)

Signature Flight 01: OPEN AV111 Boeing 787-8 KMHT-EGLL (06:16)
Signature Flight 04: OPEN AV110 Boeing 787-8 KMHT-EDDF(06:14)

Ammon Terminal
Gate: OPEN AV999 Boeing 767-300 KMHT-BIFK (04:10)

Air Traffic Control
Tower: OPEN
Ground: OPEN

How it will work
All Cargo flights will depart first from Manchester, beginning with the C208’s, with the cargo jets following behind.
While the Cargo airliners are taxiing the the Runway (With Airplanes now taking off), The next planes on the RON area will leave next, following the Cargo jets as they depart. The flights at the Terminal will then push back (starting at Gate 1 and ending at 15B), and taxi to the runway. At this point, the taxiways will be full, so please wait your turn, next will be the single airplane at the Ammon Terminal, and then finally, the final Airplanes at Signature will depart last.

We would like this event to go smoothly, so please read the NOTAMS before joining so you are aware of what may happen. Thank you, and we hope to see you at our Event!

Aviation Airways
Brining Aviation to you

For those unfamiliar with the airport, here is an Airport Diagram:


At this time I will be opening presents… I would love to attend a future event though


Ok, I hope to see you sometime soon when I make another event. I could push the time back if you wish.

I would love to attend if was at 0800Z. Let me know if you change the time as well.


Sure! That works! I’ll certainly change the time :)

We have changed the time to 1pm! Anyone who is open at 1pm and would like to join let me know!


1pm EST
1pm CST
1pm MST
1pm PST


Sign me up for Gate 5 to KATL. Btw, you come in a generic livery right?

Yes, we use Generic Livery for our airplanes

@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF Gate 5 is yours!


We still have many gates open! Reserve yours today!

Your timezone conversions are a little off and confusing. Not sure if you made a typo.

1PM EST = 1800Z and not 0800Z (that’s 3AM EST)

All other US timezones will be 1 hour less than the previously mentioned timezone (12PM CST, 11AM MST, etc).

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Gosh darn it! Thanks, I think the Time conversion I use isn’t useful :/

@Nathan you interested in joining?

As it is Christmas Day, I may be spending the day with family. I’ll see if I can allocate some time to fly that day. Will let you know as soon as possible. :)

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I have added more time zones for those living in other parts of the world. Check here to see if you’re able to come to the event. Thank you! :)


We have pushed back the date to New Years Eve! Gates are open and we welcome all pilots and IFC members! Reserve your gate today!

Changed from:
December 25, 2017 To December 31, 2017
Time has not changed

Gates are still open! Only one has signed up! Are you looking for routes to do? We have many routes that you can do, so sign up before New Years Eve, we are looking forward to having you fly with us!

I’ll sign sign up with the other person

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I would like to join.
Cargo Stand: FedEx Express 5

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All set :)! See you there!

Gate 7: OPEN AV332 Embraer E175 KMHT-KPHL (01:20)
I will take it. What livery?

We use Generic Livery for our VA

@Lufthansa2 gate is yours :)