[COMPLETED] Aviation Airways Inaugural Flight to Denver @ KMHT - 201730ZNOV17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: The United States of America

Origin Airport: KMHT

Destination Airport : KDEN

Time: 1730Z (12:30pm EST)

NOTAM: This event is open to everyone who want’s to join in the flight!

Learn about our Airline here:

Today, we are excited to launch a new route to start our Global Flights starting with the Inaugural flight to the High Mile City of Denver, CO!
The main purpose of this event is to start our Global Routes, and anyone is welcome to fly with us as we begin to launch routes. We have flown all over the world and have pick locations that will be served by us here at Aviation Airways. We also welcome suggestions on where we should fly, so please drop an airport you think will attract us, and we will discuss whether the location is a great place for us to fly into.

Important Announcement
We also have an important announcement to make!

With this new route, we have also made a codeshare agreement with Frontier VA! With Frontier VA sharing this route, this allows our Pilots to fly to more locations that Aviation Airways may not serve. As we continue to grow as a Virtual Airline, we will be adding more routes out of Denver, adding more routes that will be codeshared by both Frontier and Aviation VA. We hope to make Denver our first Western hub.

Thanks to @Balloonchaser and @SkyHighGuys at Frontier for making this partnership happen!

What is a codeshare agreement? Well, here’s a link that explains Codesharing:

VA’s attending this event:

Everyone is welcome in this event! There will be no gate assignments during this inaugural flight to Denver, CO. If you wish to join in, we are more than happy to have you witness the memorable flight as Aviation Airways makes it’s way to it’s brand new Destination in the Rocky Mountains! Other Virtual Airlines are welcome to join as well!

See you there!


FVA is proud to be joining forces with the wonderful staff and pilots at Aviation Airways! May the odds ever be in your favor :)

~ Infinite.Flight (CEO of FVA)


This looks like a great team-up event between the two Virtual Airlines. I can’t see what you guys have to offer, next!


Thank you very much my friend :D


Very happy to be working with you guys and I will be attending the event (When you guys get to KDEN)

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No problem! I just did our thread and I don’t know who’s active for IFVARB, but I have the thread made and it’s ready to be posted.

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Hello everyone! I made a little error on the time, it showed 07:30Z which is actually 12:30am.

It has now been fixed to 17:30Z and it’s now at the correct time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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We’re getting Ready to depart out of KMHT!

Our flight number will be AV480 for today’s flight. Hope to see you all there!

AV830 has now pushed back from Gate 9. we are now taxiing to Runway 35

12:31pm EST we have departed and are now on our way to Denver! There we will be greeted by @SkyHighGuys and @Balloonchaser for a special ceremony.

Follow our Flight here

Unfortunately, our Flight plan doesn’t show (Should be fixed in a bit), but you are still able to watch as we make our way to Denver! See you at Denver!


I see you over Detroit! Good luck :)

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We are only 1hr and 50min away from Denver! Thank you to those who has joined today’s inaugural flight!

We are now just One Hour away from landing!

We are now just entering Nebraska’s airspace, hello to everyone in Nebraska from us here at Aviation as we pass through to our Final Destination!

@SkyHighGuys has been following our flight, and is awaiting our arrival into Denver.

Follow Frontier VA’s thread as we make history


We at FVA are waiting in force to welcome you to Denver! Safe flying my friend and I can’t wait to welcome the very first Aviation Airways flight into Denver.



We are currently experiencing some moderate turbulence, we will be arriving soon, as we are about 29:40 minutes away from landing at Denver!

We are currently having very strong headwinds tossing the aircraft around, we are descending to FL250 for now until we are near to Denver so we may start our initial descend into KDEN!

I have all 6 pilots briefed. You can expect a private message with the details sir.

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We are now descending to FL097! Once we are near Denver, we will descend to FL085 so we can intercept the ILS of Runway 35L.

We thank everyone for the support and we are again honored to become a Codeshare partner with Frontier VA!

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We have now Entered Colorado Airspace and are now descending to FL095


We’re now only 6 minutes away from landing at Denver!

Frontier VA is now awaiting the final moments until we officially touchdown in Denver!
26 PM

AV830 has executed a Go Around for a second attempt at Landing

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Just for everyone’s information I am the F-16C I have got permission from Daniel to escort him to the gate once he has landed.

So I am not a troll.

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I thought you were a troll. I was just about to warn my pilots. Thanks for the heads haha.

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