[COMPLETED] Around the World with The Virgin Virtual Group #1 @ KLAX - 222300ZSEP18

Image Credit: @Captain_Millz

At Virgin America Virtual, we ensure that we have a fun environment for all our pilots and staff, while ensuring ultimate realism. So, here’s the scenario behind this event series. It’s clearly not a true story, but we reckon it sounds pretty cool 😎

All of the Virgin Group’s airlines have aircraft sitting on the ground in their maintenance hangars, but they want something to do with them. So, they’ve decided to do a massive around the world trip, get heaps of publicity, and raise some money for charity at the same time. So, they’ve decided to do a massive round the world trip.

So are you up for the adventure?

Well, if you’ve made it this far, the answer is probably yes. Here are the details.

Date and Time: September 22, 2018 10:00 PM ← This will show in your local time, no need for conversions.
Aircraft: Virgin America A320
Flight Plan: Can be found here. Subject to change.
Server: By pick from the community, this event will be on the Expert Server.

  • Training Server
  • Expert Server

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Event Series - Around the World with Virgin America Virtual

This event series will take you around the world, utilising all of the Virgin Group’s Airlines! Here are the routes;

Route Aircraft Notes
KLAX-KFJK Virgin America A320 This Leg!
KJFK-EGLL Virgin Atlantic 789
EGLL-VHHH Virgin Atlantic A340 The Kangaroo Route Begins!
VHHH-YMML Virgin Australia (Generic) A330 Still on the Kangaroo Route and heading to the home town of our COO!
YMML-KLAX Virgin Australia 777
KLAX-KSFO Virgin America (Generic) A321 Ferrying our new aircraft to SFO to begin operations!

KLAX Gates (T3)

Gate 30: @Anthonyg96
Gate 31A: @esant_15
Gate 31B: @Knellered
Gate 32: @DiamondGaming4
Gate 33A: @Capt.Jack
Gate 33B: @Steven_K
Gate 34: @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate 35: @
Gate 36:
Gate 37A:
Gate 37B:
Gate 38:
Gate 39:

KJFK Gates (T4)

Gate 61: @
Gate 62: @esant_15
Gate 63: @Knellered
Gate 72: @DiamondGaming4
Gate 73: @Capt.Jack
Gate 74: @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate 78:
Gate 79:
Gate 80:
Gate 81:
Gate 82:
Gate 98:
Gate 99:
Gate 100:

This Event is Hosted by Virgin America Virtual - Unite Brings us Together

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I guess as CEO I will take a gate😂


I will take a gate! :)


I would love to come but by the time I land it would probably be around midnight. Hopefully for the next leg


What time would you prefer?

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i’ll take a gate!!! I mean, I guess i should…right?


I tried a series like this almost a year ago. Curious to see how this one will unfold. I’ll take a gate please.


Added you both! If you could make this a Wiki @DiamondGaming4 that would be much appreciated!

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Probably around 2100Z

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Can I take 33a please

How did you make the hour to be the local time?

Unfortunately, only a moderator can do that. You can contact one and I’m sure they’d be happy to :)


How long will this take?


Flight time we hope to be at 4 hrs and 30mins

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A server has been chosen! By vote from the community, this event will be on the expert server. Please ensure you have access to it before you reserve yourself a gate.

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Can I take gate 33B please


Gates still available! Fill 'er up!

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Can u plz add me to the event

I’ll take a gate please.

@Anthonyg96 @Philippe_Gilbert

You guys will be assigned gate by @KaiM in a few minutes

Thanks for joining
Trevor CEO VXV