[Completed] April Fools CHAOS! @ KLAX - 012000ZAPR18

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Remember the good old pre-global days? TS1, KLAX, I’m thinking specifically Runway 25R…

Come out in your A380s, 747s, whatever you feel like. If you see someone on the runway, you know what to do.

The event is on Casual for obvious reasons, but I want you to treat it like a noob would treat TS1

Happy April Fools!!! (And RIP anyone who spawns in a Cessna)*


this post made me think it was April.


This event will be organized chaos I guess 😂😂


I don’t know about organized 😂


I was kinda being sarcastic and that’s true. Your event should be named “CHAOS” 😂


There we go, fixed it 😉


😂😂😂😂😂😂Didn’t expect you to do that

This sounds so fun. I would join if it suited my Timezone. Have fun everyone

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Which timezone are you in? I’m open to changing the time to get as many participants as possible

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Probably 22:00Z would be best

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He lives in Australia so it will be too early in the morning at 18:00Z

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Updated to 2200Z @Brent_A @Aussie_Wombat :)

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Thanks but it’s still on the Monday for me (school :p) and I don’t want up I to change it because then it won’t be April fools

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Looks fun. I haven’t been on that noobish server, but I’ll try my best. Sign me up!

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I was part of that surge of people that flew KLAX-KSAN though

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That route and KLAX - KNUC but that was when I started flying on IF

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Yeah…good times…

I plan to spawn in a f22, taxi through people and fly through people.


I would like to join but what time is 22:00Z

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I’m just going to do my regular procedures lol. I have IFATC on my name so i can’t act stupid 😂. I’m just going to watch the chaos

What time zone are you in?