{COMPLETED} American Airshow @ KPIT 151900ZAUG19

IFCAS Sponsored Airshow

Welcome to the American Airshow at Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania!

This event is open to the public but all gate reservations at KPIT MUST be reserved through the reply section of this topic. Do not preform Airshow above airport below 10,000 feet. This event is on the Casual Server so there is no need to worry about violations. We will need help monitoring the event so if you would volunteer to help monitor the event please let me know in the reply section of this topic.

Gate Assignments

Concourse A

A1 @Everything_Matthew
A2 @Samivan_911
A3 @Micah_Brazil
A4 @CPTMarzipan
A5 @N/A
A6 @N/A
A7 @N/A
A8 @N/A
A9 @N/A
A10 @TheFlyingGuy1

Concourse B

B26 @N/A
B27 @N/A
B28 @N/A
B29 @N/A
B30 @N/A
B31 @N/A
B32 @N/A
B33 @N/A
B34 @N/A
B35 @N/A
B36 @N/A
B37 @Alex420

Concourse C

C51 @N/A
C52 @N/A
C53 @N/A
C54 @N/A
C55 @N/A
C56 @N/A
C57 @N/A
C58 @N/A
C59 @N/A
C60 @N/A
C61 @N/A

Concourse D

D76 @N/A
D77 @N/A
D78 @NathanD
D79 @N/A
D80 @N/A
D81 @N/A
D82 @N/A
D83 @N/A
D84 @N/A
D85 @N/A
D86 @N/A
D87 @N/A
D88 @N/A
D89 @N/A

Any Questions, Feedback, Gate Reservations, Monitoring Volunteers, etc. are permitted below.

Note: Gate Reservations Close at 1600Z
Note: We Need Monitoring Volunteers!

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so are we allowed to preform under 10000?

Yes. But not directly above the airport.

uh… alright

I’ll take A1 and I’ll bring my F16

Well, you the restriction is that you are not allowed to perform under 10000 directly above the airport. So that you don’t accidentally crash into someone at the gate.

Ok. I’ll sign you up.

Thank you!

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but where do we preform?

In or near the airspace.

I wish i could come but going to another event so rip

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Any other attendees?

I’m surprised @KPIT hasn’t seen this

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I’ve been at work, give me some time 😂

can i get in on this? a8

or not because i have school :/

What gate? Im not sure what you mean.

B37 with a 787-9

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I’ll put you up!

I’ll sign up for any gate in concourse A in the A-10. I might not be able to attend the whole event because my school lunch ends 28 minutes after the start of the event.