[Completed] Airalympic Glory |#2| @ NZAA - 220500ZDEC18


Airalympic Glory #2

Welcome to a Holly Jolly Group Flight Powered by the Airalympic Games! Come Join Us!

Aircraft and Livery: B737/A320 Family - Any National Team Livery

Team Aircraft Livery
Team Australia A320/B738 QantasLink/Qantas
Team Canada A320/A321/B737/B738 Air Canada/WestJet
Team Fiji B737 Fiji Airways
Team Germany A319/A320 Lufthansa
Team Great Britain A318/A319/A320/A321/B738 British Airways
Team India A320/B739 Indigo/SpiceJet
Team Indonesia A320/B738/B739 Batik Air/Air Asia X/Garuda Indonesia/Lion Air/Sriwijaya Air
Team Italy A321 Alitalia
Team Mexico A318/A319/B737 Mexicana/Volaris/AeroMexico
Team Netherlands B737/B739 KLM
Team New Zealand A320 Air New Zealand
Team Switzerland A319/A321 Swiss
Team USA A320/A321/B738 American Airlines

Route: NZAA-NZWN [1 Hour Flight]

Time of Departure: 0500Z [Leaving In 20 Minutes]

Server: Expert Server

Additional Information:

ā€¢ Cruise at 22,000ft @ 340knts
ā€¢ Use Unicom
ā€¢ Spawn In the gates near runway 23L @ NZAA (If you are with a team, coordinate to spawn next to each other)

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Flight Begins In 5 Minutes! Come Join Us!

Spawn In :)

Iā€™m starting my descent @Pilotcorn09

I love the lake below us :)

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Awesome flight. Glad you made this group flight!


Thanks for coming out!

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