[Completed ]Air India Virtual | To the Arabic Wonderland @ VIDP - 091530ZFEB19

From Capital to the Arabic wonderland

Welcome to the first community event of Air India Virtual .The event will feature two of the most busy airports around the world i.e. Dubai International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport.Since it is an community event therefore all the peoples around the community including AIVA pilots are invited to join us for a scenery flight to Dubai.


Aircraft- 787-8

Livery- Air India

Server- Expert

Duration- 2:45 hr

This will automatically change into your time zone

In order to request a gate,reply below mentioning the gate and callsign.AIVA pilots are requested to provide their assigned callsign.

Gate Callsign
Terminal 3 Gate C34 @Prasoon_S
Terminal 3 Gate C32 @Cloudrush
Terminal 3 Gate C30 @ChaiAir
Terminal 3 Gate C28 @Rohan625
Terminal 3 Gate C31 @Kintul_Shah
Terminal 3 Gate C29 @PranavGupta
Terminal 3 Gate C27 @indraniel
Terminal 3 Gate D37 @pranavwitharnav
Terminal 3 Gate D39 @ios_tech_gamer
Terminal 3 Gate D41 @Pranjal_Agrawal
Terminal 3 Gate D43 @Chinmay_Erram
Terminal 3 Gate D45 @Prashant_Divedi
Terminal 3 Gate D47 @Ayush_Mathur
Terminal 3 Gate D49 @Captain_Dreamliner
Terminal 3 Gate D51 @NationofAviation
Terminal 3 Gate D53 @Nidhish_Kataria
Terminal 3 Gate D58 @Mazdiar_Mevawala

More gates will be added if required

Flight Plan

VIDP DP401 MAXOT DP402 2845N/7553E 2841N/7506E LUN 2829N/7215E 2825N/7018E LUBNA 2743N/6848E IDEBA PG ADGUL TAPDO VUSET PASOV KUPMA 2458N/5607E 2503N/5557E DB518 2511N/5548E DB517 VUTON DB515 DB514 DB513 GIRGO VELAR 2508N/5544E DB508 DB507 DB506 DB505 DB504 ULDOT SEDPO OMDB

Cruise Altitude- FL380

Cruise Speed- 0.84 Mach

Climb Profile- 240/310/0.84

Descend Profile- 0.84/310/240


  • Please Spawn 15 minutes prior in order to execute a timely departure

  • Follow the instructions regarding Climb,descend and others given time to time

  • Maintain minimum of 15nm separation

  • Flight Plan is subject to change with reference to weather conditions

  • If no ATC will be available then use UNICOM properly

Will be released 1 day prior to departure
Will be released 1 day prior to departure

VIDP Charts
OMDB Charts

Air India Virtual Airline was established in 2018, sought to closely simulate real world routes and fleets. We are not associated with any airline yet.In addition, we leverage Air India Codeshare partners, which further diversified our schedules! AIVA attracts and is filled with flight simulating enthusiast/pilots on the Infinite flight mobile gaming simulator. AIVA doesn’t embrace traditional overly strict VA rules; our culture is about having fun, safety, learning, and flying along with professionalism.The Air India Virtual acquisition with many other virtual airlines has allowed AIVA to extend internationally. So what are you waiting for…Come Taste the realism…!

Official Thread


this event seems to be great, but I have the same complaint as always, you who organize the events should investigate more in relation to the other events, so that all events are not all on the same date, I know that people can choose which event they want to attend but it would be good if you make it easier for us not to get it all on the same day, if you decide to change dates, you can count on me or the time, to have time to finish one and participate in your event.

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Terminal 3, Gate C32, AIVA133

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Terminal 3 Gate C30, AIVA149

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Yeah u r right,but unfortunately that’s the Saturday night where many could attend within our VA coz the starting time of the event is in night.Hope you understand

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@Cloudrush @ChaiAir You are signed up :)


I will take T3 C28, AIVA004

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Terminal 3, Gate C28, AIVA137

@Rohan625 @Kintul_Shah you both are signed up,see ya soon ;)

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Great work Prasoon! Will try to join for sure! Sign me up yet just in case!

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Terminal 3 , Gate 27 for me. AIVA002

@PranavGupta @indraniel You both are signed up :)

i also want to join my aiva id aiva134 please

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You are signed up! @ios_tech_gamer

Can i get gate d41? AIVA104

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You’re in @Pranjal_Agrawal ! See ya soon :)

Pls give me a gate - AIVA113

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You’re signed up @Chinmay_Erram :)

I will like to have a gate,AIVA157

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You’re signed up :)

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