(Completed) Air Force One returns to Washington D.C @ KMHT - 212030ZMAR18

Server: Training Server 1

Region: New England Region

Origin Airport: KMHT

Destination Airport: KADW

Time: 2030Z
4:30pm EDT
3:30pm CST
2:30pm MST
1:30pm PST

NOTAM: Once you have spawned, copy the FPL from Air Force One. The First airplane to depart shall be Air Force One, then Air Force Two, and finally the Press and other important airplanes

Welcome to the Return Trip of Air Force One! We will Depart on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 back to Washington D.C! After staying in the State of New Hampshire for a day or so, we are ready to return back to the white house and resume presidential duties.
It is your duty to carry the VP and Press back to D.C safely and professionally!

KMHT Spawn points
East GA Ramp 11: @Daniel_Cerritos Air Force One | VC-25
East GA Ramp 03: @Cbro4 Air Force Two | C-32A
Signature Flight Support 03: @CptMooreJr The Press | C-40C
Signature Flight Support 01: Closed Medical | Cessna Citation X
Ammon Terminal: @tidex VIP flight C-40C

Notice: Someone requested I do a return trip


This looks great. I hope you have a great turnout. I will be doing school work at this time, but I hope to join one in the future when Trump goes around rallying. :)

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Of course there’s a follow up to your sightings :). Have fun!

I’d like to do another Event for Thursday, but I have work, and I don’t want to spam the Events page, so this’ll be the final event for now until I make a new one in the future :)

@Ryan_Vidad Trump is actually back in DC now, this is now a separate event not associated to today’s event


I really don’t fly or control unless it’s on the weekends. I’m busy during the week most times

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Still looking for pilots! Event is tomorrow at 4:30pm!

Once again, 30 minutes before I get out of school. I’ll be there for pictures though

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We now have two open slots, come on in and pick a spot and you’ll be in! Times are listed above.

I’ll be Air Force Two if nobody else wants

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@Daniel_Cerritos I’d prefer the C-32, but if @tidex wants it, then I’ll take the C750 or another C-40.


You’re in! I added another C-40C for VIP reasons

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Ok. If you want the C750 used, then I’ll do it. I really don’t have a preference.

Well, I put you in another C-40C so you can bring the VIP back to Washington D.C

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@Cbro4 can have the C-32, I care not which aircraft I fly. I’ll take the C-40

You sure? I really don’t mind either.

It’s all yours brother

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Ok. @Daniel_Cerritos You got this?

The event starts in 5 minutes, if I’m not mistaken.

This event is tomorrow, not today, as I have work

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OH! That’s my bad. I thought today was the 21st. Oops. I’m not sure if I can make tomorrow, but I’ll let you know.

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