(Completed) Air Force One lands in Manchester @ KMHT - 192130ZMAR18

Server: Training Server 1

Region: East Coast

Origin Airport: KADW

Destination Airport: KMHT

Time: 2130Z
5:30PM EST
4:30PM CST
3:30PM MST
2:30PM PST

NOTAM: Only Two VC-25’s will be used to fly here. The C-32A will be used in this event as well

Welcome to a special Event! On Monday, March 19, 2018, the president of the United States will come to Manchester, New Hampshire for the day to address an opioid crisis we currently have in our state.
We can recreate this day by holding this very special event! Anyone can come to take screenshots and videos before we depart to Manchester. Thank you, and have an awesome day!

Air Traffic Control;
KMHT Tower:
KMHT Ground:

KADW Tower:
KADW Ground:

Stands (Joint Andrews AFB)
VC-25 Aircraft (747)
West Apron 07A: @Daniel_Cerritos Air Force One
West Apron 06A: @VAnuj Back up VC-25

C-32A Aircraft (757)
West Apron 07C: @robg Air Force Two
West Apron 07D: OPEN Back up C-32A

C-40C Aircraft (737)
West Apron 09A: @Jake_Stopher The Press

C-17 Globemaster III
West Apron 11A OPEN Carrying the Convoy
West Apron 11C OPEN Carrying Marine One

Military escorts are welcome, but please act appropriately when escorting Air Force One. Thank you!

Still looking for people to fly! Tomorrow is the day!

I won’t be able to attend but you need two C-17s as well. One carries the vehicles and the other carries Marine One. ;)

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I’ll take the 757 (air force two)


You’re in!
Anyone else?

I’ll take the Press 737

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Thanks for joining! You’re now in :)

Just Added the C-17 Globemaster III if anyone wants to join in to carry the Convoy and Marine One!

If this was 1 hour later I’d definitely attend, but oh well, school gets out 30 minutes after this event start

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Still looking for people to join. The Event is Today!

I’ll be backup Air Force One!

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Event is now in progress!

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slow down and let us catch up!

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You guys are fine, Air Force Two lands after we land, so you’re fine. We’ll be waiting for you at the airport once we land :)

We call for the Media to spawn at MHT to take pictures of the Arrival of Air Force One and the other airplanes!

SAM90004 Leads Air Force One to safety!

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I got approach for you guys. Hoping someone grabs tower/ground.

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Don’t forget about Air Force One

Sorry had to close there. Hope you guys had fun.

I had fun escorting you guys for a little while. Enjoy the rest of the flight!

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Welcome to Manchester!