[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Wednesday Charters Vol. 2 @ CYYZ - 092345ZMAY18


The Toronto Raptors were supposed to head to Cleveland to go battle out the Cleveland Cavaliers! Sadly they lost… Its okay as Air Canada Virtual still has a contract to go to Cleveland and recruit for the Raptors new management team next year! ;)

All Jokes aside… Heres some details about this flight

Flight Details:

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Airbus A319-100 [A319]
- Livery: Air Canada Rouge

Departure Airport: Toronto International Airport [CYYZ]

Arrival Airport: Cleveland International Airport [KCLE]

Date: Wednesday - May 9th, 2018 [05/09/18]

Departure Time: 23:45Z [2345Z] [?]

Projected Flight Time: 45 Minutes [45M]

Scheduled Arrival Time: 00:30Z [0030Z]


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Runway for departure out of YYZ is expected to be 33R and the runway for arrival into KCLE is expected to be 06L. (May change due to weather conditions at time of event.)

  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight [10,000 lbs Should Be Enough]

  • Listen to all instructions given by ATC or another ACVA Pilot to ensure that this event runs smoothly.

  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!

Flight Plan:


Cruising Speed: 300 knots [M 0.80]

Crusing Altitude: 24,000ft


You Dont Have To Be In ACVA To Partake in This Event!

Gate 161: @Balloonchaser - Event Leader [ACVA]
Gate 163: @Seanhickey465 [ACVA]
Gate 165: @natedog508 [ACVA]
Gate 167: @Ryan_Vidad
Gate 169: @Sebastian9915 [ACVA]
Gate 170: @ThomasThePro
Gate 171: @CR3W [ACVA]
Gate 172: @Samflic
Gate 173: @KeonAnthony [ACVA]
Gate 174: @Isacc_Paddy [ACVA]
Gate 175: @EpicLegend29
Gate 176: @David_Santy_Rodrigue
Gate 177: @Mohamed1
Gate 178: @Rick_Mahoney [ACVA]
Gate 179: @KillR [ACVA]
Gate 180: @HammerBose [ACVA]
Gate 181: @PedroG
Gate 168: @Hidd3nMan
Gate 168B: @rileymoyer [ACVA]
Gate 166: @GaplessHiding
Gate 164A:
Gate 164B:
Gate 162:
Gate 160: @DJDiehl2K

[More Gates Available]

Come Check Out Air Canada Virtual!

Air Canada Virtual Airlines Community Thread: Air Canada Virtual Official: Recruiting Pilots

Air Canada Virtual Website: http://www.aircanada-va.weebly.com/

Air Canada Virtual Does Not Take Responsibility For Any Violations Recived During This Event

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FYI: If the raptors do loose tonight… This event will still be happening to “retrieve” the Raptor Management Team

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Nice punny event lol
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend :(

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Nice event. Can i have gate 176

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Okie Dokie David! Gate 176 is yours

I think you mean in search of a new management team :) I can fit this in my schedule, sign me up.


Hmm… That might be why they contracted us (if they loose)…

Gate 167 is all yours

Sebas9915 [ACVA243] Gate 169

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Roger! Gate 169 is yours

Welp… The Raptors got crushed today so our job will be to fly to Cleveland to recruit ;)

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So 2 Days later we will look for new mamagement

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Surprised noone has mentioned this

The A319 does not cruise at M.86, cruising speed for the A319 is M.78-M.82 i believe.

M.86 would break the plane apart.


Can I have gate at 170

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I’ll take 171 please :)

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Gate 170 is yours

Alright! Gate 171 is yours

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Why the heck are u desending at -4000ft/min

I’d recommend contacting @Balloonchaser via PM so that this event thread doesn’t get clogged up.

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That’s a question to message him privately. He may descend as he wants.

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Is 177 gate in use and can I join when available

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