[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Fill The Airport Vol.1 | Toronto International Airport @ CYYZ - 282000ZAPR18

Photo Credit: https://www.toronto.ca/

Server: Training Server 1

Airport: CYYZ

Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Time: 2000Z (4:00 PM EDT, 1:00 PM PDT - Contact for other conversions)

NOTAM: Welcome to the Wonderful Toronto-Pearson International Airport! For this event, we will be “attempting” to fill-up the airport with as many planes as possible (realistic terminals, gates, etc.), and then fly any real route from YYZ! We will spawn in between 1945-2005Z, and then takeoff procedures starting at 2010Z.

Unfortunately, due to not enough gate space for ALL the destinations to go out at once, I’m not going to put every route from YYZ for this fill-up. HOWEVER, if there is a route you’re really wanting to see on there, DM me and I may be able to figure something out!

You have a wide variety to choose from, pick a gate now before someone else claims your preferred route/aircrat/airline/etc!


(Airlines highlighted in bold means that YYZ is a hub/focus city for them)

Airlines That Serve CYYZ

Passenger Jets:

Aer Lingus
Air Canada
Air Canada Express
Air Canada Rouge
Air France
American Airlines
American Eagle
British Airways
Caribbean Airlines
Cathay Pacific
China Southern Airlines
Copa Airlines
Delta Airlines
Delta Connection
Egypt Air
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways
KLM Airlines
Korean Air
LOT Polish Airlines
Pakistan International Airlines
Philippine Airlines
United Airlines
United Express
Westjet Encore

Cargo Airlines:

FedEx Express
Lufthansa Cargo
Turkish Airlines Cargo
UPS Airlines
Nippon Cargo
China Cargo
Korean Air Cargo


Please request a gate!

Note: On mobile, the gate layout wont look as good as on PC

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 101A: Air Canada Express DH8D CYSJ @Trystan_Dupre
Gate 101: Air Canada Express DH8D CYQT @Preston_D
Gate 103: Air Canada Express DH8D CYYG
Gate 105: Air Canada Express DH8D CYQX
Gate 107: Air Canada Express E175 KORD
Gate 109: Air Canada Express E175 KMKE
Gate 111: Air Canada Express Airbus A319 KSAV
Gate 128: Air Canada Airbus A319 CYEG
Gate 126: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 MUHA
Gate 124: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 MYNN
Gate 122: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 KMCO @NBSYT
Gate 120: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 KSRQ
Gate 131: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 TGPY
Gate 133: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 KTPA
Gate 135: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 CYDF
Gate 137: Air Canada Boeing B763 CYYC
Gate 139: Air Canada Express E175 KIND
Gate 140: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KIAD
Gate 141: Air Canada Express A319 KJAX
Gate 142: Air Canada Boeing B789 OMDB @CR3W
Gate 143: Air Canada Airbus A333 EDDF
Gate 144: Air Canada Airbus A319 KDEN
Gate 148: Air Canada Airbus A333 TNCM @Balloonchaser
Gate 136: Air Canada Airbus A319 MBPV
Gate 134: Air Canada Airbus A319 KMSY
Gate 132: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KPHL
Gate 151: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KLGA @FDemon
Gate 153: Air Canada Airbus A319 KPDX
Gate 155: Air Canada Airbus A319 KSEA
Gate 157: Air Canada Airbus A319 KDFW
Gate 161: Air Canada Airbus A319 KIAH
Gate 163: Air Canada Boeing B763 KLAX
Gate 165: Air Canada Boeing B763 KMIA
Gate 167: Air Canada Boeing B772 CYVR/YSSY @Aalan
Gate 170: Lufthansa Airbus A333 EDDF @Full_flight
Gate 172: LOT Polish Airlines Boeing B788 EPWA
Gate 173: Emirates Airbus A388 OMDB
Gate 174: Egypt Air Airbus A333 HECP
Gate 175: EVA Air Boeing B78X RCTP
Gate 176: Air Canada Boeing B77W (ER) VHHH @77W
Gate 177: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing B788 HAAB
Gate 178: Lufthansa Airbus A333 EDDM @saad375
Gate 179: Air Canada Boeing B789 SCEL @AirCanadaIF (Non Official)
Gate 180: Air Canada Airbus A333 EIDW
Gate 181: Air Canada Boeing B789 OMDB @Jd34
Gate 168B: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KEWR @Ty_Lorenz_tylermd88
Gate 166: United Express CRJ KEWR
Gate 164A: Copa Airlines Boeing B738 MPTO
Gate 164B: United Express Airbus A320 KIAH @PeterCLE
Gate 162: United Airlines Airbus A320 KORD @flighty
Gate 160: United Express CRJ-700 KDEN
Gate 191: United Airlines Boeing B738 KORD
Gate 193: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 MMMX
Gate 246: Air Canada Express DH8D KIND
Gate 248: Air Canada Express DH8D KDTW
Gate 250: Air Canada Express DH8D KCMH
Gate 252: Air Canada Express DH8D KCLE
Gate 254: Air Canada Express DH8D KCVG
Gate 256: Air Canada Express DH8D KMDT
Gate 258: Air Canada Express DH8D KPIT
Gate 260: Air Canada Express DH8D KSYR
Gate 266: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KRDU
Gate 268: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KORD @rileymoyer
Gate 270: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KBOS
Gate 272: Air Canada Express Embraer E175 KLGA
Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate A01A: Westjet Encore DH8D KBOS
Gate A01B: Westjet Encore DH8D KBNA
Gate A01C: Westjet Encore DH8D KMYR
Gate A02: Westjet Encore DH8D CYFC
Gate A03: Westjet Encore DH8D CYUL
Gate A04: Westjet Encore DH8D CYQM
Gate A05: Westjet Encore DH8D CYQB
Gate A06: Westjet Encore DH8D CYOW @Simon_Thompson
Gate A07D: American Eagle CRJ-900 KCLT
Gate A07E: American Eagle CRJ-700 KPHL
Gate A07F: American Eagle CRJ-700 KLGA
Gate 8: American Eagle CRJ-700 KJFK
Gate 9: American Airlines Airbus A320 KDFW
Gate 10A: Delta Connection CRJ-700 KDTW
Gate 10B: Delta Connection CRJ- KCVG
Gate B11: Delta Connection CRJ-700 KMSP
Gate B12: Delta Connection CRJ- KJFK
Gate B13: Delta Airlines Boeing B712 KATL @con
Gate B14A: American Airlines Boeing B738 KLAX
Gate B15: American Eagle Embraer E175 (US Air) KORD
Gate B16: American Airlines Airbus A320 KMIA
Gate B17: Westjet Boeing B737 TNCM
Gate B18: Westjet Boeing B737 TAPA
Gate B19: Westjet Boeing B737 TNCA
Gate B20: Westjet Boeing B737 TBPB
Gate B22: Westjet Boeing B737 TXKF
Gate C24: Westjet Boeing B737 MMUN
Gate C25: Westjet Boeing B737 MUCC
Gate C26: Westjet Boeing B737 MWCR
Gate C27: Pakistan International Airlines Boeing B772 (LR) OPLA @Basit_Naqvi
Gate C28: Aer Lingus Airbus A321 EIDW @PedroG
Gate C29: Etihad Airways Boeing B77W (ER) OMAA
Gate C30: China Southern Airlines Boeing B788 ZGGG @saad375
Gate C31: KLM Airlines Boeing B747 EHAM @The_Geniusman
Gate C32: Korean Airlines Boeing B772 (ER) RKSI
Gate C33: Saudia Airlines Boeing B789 OEJN
Gate C34: AeroMexico Boeing B737 MMMX
Gate C35: Philippine Airlines Boeing B77W (ER) RPLL
Gate C36: Cathay Pacific Boeing B77W (ER) VHHH
Gate C37: Air France Boeing B77W (ER) LFPG
Gate C38: Caribbean Airlines Boeing B738 TTPP
Gate C39: British Airways Boeing B772 (ER) EGLL
Gate C40: Icelandair Boeing B752 BIKF
Gate C41: Westjet Boeing B737 CYYC
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo Ramp 601: Fedex Express Boeing B777F CYYC @Isacc_Paddy
Cargo Ramp 602: Fedex Express MD-11F KIND
Cargo Ramp 603: Fedex Express C208 CYYB
Cargo Ramp 604: Fedex Express MD-11F KMEM
Cargo Ramp 605: Fedex Express C208 CYAM
Cargo Ramp 606: Fedex Express MD-11F CYVR
Cargo Ramp 607: UPS A332F KONT
Cargo Ramp 609: UPS MD-11F KSDF @Royce
West Cargo Ramp 500 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F KIAH
West Cargo Ramp 502 Nippon Cargo Boeing B747F PANC
West Cargo Ramp 503 Turkish Airlines Cargo Airbus A332F LTBA
West Cargo Ramp 504 AeroLogic Boeing B772F EDDF
West Cargo Ramp 505 China Cargo Boeing B772F ZGGG
West Cargo Ramp 506 Korean Air Cargo Boeing B772F PANC

Current Participants: 23
Gates Remaining 100

Departure Procedures:

This is all dependent on the winds, but here is what will happen (Unless Notified Prior)

All Terminal 1 Aircraft will go to Runway 24R
All Terminal 3 Aircraft & Cargo Aircraft will go to Runway 23
Runway 24L will be used for Arrivals Only (So they dont interfere).

If you reserved a gate, but are no longer able to attend for some reason, please let me know ASAP so I can make that gate available for others. KThanks!

If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. This will be a really fun event! Hope to see y’all there!!

Come Check Out Air Canada Virtual!


Air Canada Virtual Airlines Community Thread: Air Canada Virtual Official: Now Open for Business [Recruiting Pilots]

Air Canada Virtual Website: http://www.aircanada-va.weebly.com/

Air Canada Virtual Does Not Take Responsibility For Any Violations Recived During This Event


I’d really like Cargo Ramp 609 please :-).

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I’ll take gate 181 please

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I’ll take:
Gate 142: Air Canada Boeing B788 CYYZ - CYVR

Please :D

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Finally! Give me time, I’ll settle on a route…

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Gate 143. Whoever’s flying the Lufthansa route hmu and we’ll do it together.


I’m down to fly with ya bud :)

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Maybe we can switch gate 170 to EDDF instead of EDDM so we can go together…

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I would probably wait until the update release date is confirmed before saying that we can take CRJ gates…

Unless we have a beta tester on our hands…

Can I have a gate for a flight that isn’t listed?

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If it’s from CYYZ irl, DM me and we can figure something out

Gates have been switched for you. Gate 170 now goes to EDDF in the A330 and gate 178 now goes to EDDM in the B747

I will take gate 101 in terminal 1 to yqt. Aircanada express. @Balloonchaser

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Gate 176 has been changed to a B77W to go to ZSPD - @77W

Gate 143 is now avalible as @natedog508 cant make it

Thank you. I can’t wait to attend.

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I’ll take gate 101A please!

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101A is all yours :)

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Gate 179 please! Thank you😊

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Gate 191 please, I’ll log the flight for UVA

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Hey Balloon! Can I get a heavy gate for my flight to EHAM? I’ll be in a KLM 789. What about the French translation?😜