[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Cheers To The (Half) Year @ CYOW - 141800ZJUL18

Sign me up please!! Im ACVA217

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Gate 26 is yours!

Gate 27 is all yours!

Oh I’m honored… Gate 29 is yours

I’m sorry, I meant to put “Your” not “You’re”

(Your fav member)

Thanks for letting me partake in this event XD

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I’ll take gate 28 Jack. Happy to be apart of this team. Can’t wait to see where the future takes us

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I’m excited aswell!! Gate 28 is yours

This event finishes a bit too late for me, but I will try and spawn in for departure to take some photos. Sorry!

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Event Begins In Little Over 2 Hours

Can you put me down for ACVA 202

Can I live stream the event?

Yep! You sure can!! :)

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You Don’t Have To Be A Pilot In ACVA To Participate!! Sign Up!

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Remote Apron 40 is yours!

We Are 1 Hour Away!


Is there going to be a group PM?

As always!. Their will be. Should be up soon


In like 3 minutes it’ll be up ;)

Event Begins In 10 Minutes!

Start Spawning In!


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