[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Cheers To The (Half) Year @ CYOW - 141800ZJUL18



Photo Credits: Government of Canada [Canada Day]

Did you know that 6 Months ago, Air Canada Virtual was born a VA?

That’s correct! 6 Months ago, @natedog508, @Seanhickey465, @The_Geniusman, and @the777fan got Air Canada Virtual Airlines approved by the IFVARB! We have come from 4 original members to now over 100 active members (We removed 80 who weren’t) ;)

This flight is to celebrate our Half Birthday!

Flight Detail’s

Date - Saturday, July 14th
Departure Time - 1800Z 6:00 PM (UTC)2200Z 10:00 PM (UTC)
Server - Expert

Aircraft - Airbus A321-200 [A321]
-Livery - Air Canada

Departure Airport - Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport [CYOW]
Flight Time - 4 Hours [4H]
Arrival Airport - Vancouver International Airport [CYVR]


-Spawn in 5 Minutes before our scheduled departure time

-Runway departure out of YOW is expected to by Runway 32 and the runway for arrival into YVR is expected to be 06R [May Change]

-Listen to all instructions given by any of our ACVA Pilots/Staff

-After you land, stick around for some post event photos



Cruising Speed - 300 Knots [M 0.80]

Cruising Altitude - 31,000ft


You Dont Have To Be In ACVA To Partake In This Event

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 20 @Balloonchaser ACVA004
Gate 21 @Goran12 ACVA128
Gate 22 @Sebastian9915 ACVA243
Gate 23 @AsternDestroyer ACVA248
Gate 24 @Alex_Lopresti ACVA121
Gate 25 @CptMats ACVA136
Gate 26 @ACVA206 ACVA206
Gate 27 @IFaviationeldin ACVA217
Gate 28 @natedog508 ACVA001
Gate 29 @CR3W ACVA204
Gate 30 @2003iggy ACVA258
Remote Apron 40 @anon81054369 ACVA202
Remote Apron 41
Remote Apron 42
Remote Apron 43

Check Out Air Canada Virtual


Air Canada Virtual Airlines Community Thread - Air Canada Virtual Official: Recruiting Pilots

Air Canada Virtual Website - http://www.aircanada-va.weebly.com/

Air Canada Virtual Does Not Take Responsibility For Any Violations Recived During This Event

Air Canada VA | Canada's Largest VA!
Air Canada Virtual Official: Recruiting Pilots

Sign me up ACVA128 :)


Gate 21 is yours!


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Gate 23 Is All Yours!


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