[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Butter Alert [Landing Competition] @ CYUL - 161700ZJUN18

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It’s finally here! The highly anticipated (By our pilots) Landing Competition! Please read this thread on more information about the event :)

Flight Details

Server - Expert Server [Expert]

Aircraft - Boeing B767-300 [B763]
-Livery - Air Canada

Departure Airport - Montreal International Airport [CYUL]

Arrival Airport - Toronto International Airport [CYYZ]

Date - Saturday - June 16th, 2018 [06/16/18]

Departure Time - Saturday, June 16, 2018 5:00 PM
In Zulu Time: 1700Z

Projected Flight Time - 1 Hour [1HR]

Projected Landing Time - Saturday, June 16, 2018 6:00 PM
In Zulu Time: 1800Z


Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time

Listen to all instructions given by ATC or another ACVA Pilot to ensure that this event runs smoothly.

Stick Around & Watch The Others Land. Then join us for a group photo!


Ghosting Will Be Enforced


No Passengers, Cargo. Only 2 Crew Members (Pilot/Co-Pilot)

Must be signed up before we takeoff to be scored.

Must Not Troll

Must Follow All Infinite Flight Ground Rules!

How You Will Be Graded

Smoothness on Landing (Two (2) Points)
Your Approach (From Short Final) (Two (2) Points)
Center Line (Two (2) Points)
Flare on Touchdown (Two (2) Points)
Listening (Easy Two (2) Points)
1 Go Around Allowed


You Dont Have To Be In ACVA To Partake in This Event!

Gate Pilot In ACVA
Gate 60 @Balloonchaser [ACVA04]
Gate 61 @Sebastian9915 [ACVA243]
Gate 62A @2003iggy [ACVA258]
Gate 63 @anon70624511
Gate 64 @AsternAviation [ACVA248]
Gate 65 @hi15td [ACVA203]
Gate 66 @leon332157 [ACVA257]
Gate 67
Gate 68

Maybe [Will Give Gate At Time Of Event
@CptJimmy [ACVA103]

[More Gates Available]

Judges Will Be Internally ;)

Come Check Out Air Canada Virtual!


Our Thread: Air Canada Virtual Official: Recruiting Pilots

Our Website: http://www.aircanada-va.weebly.com/

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is Not Responsible For Any Violation/Ghostings During This Event


I’ll take a gate on that one

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I would love to join, but I’m planning a 26 1/2 hour flight, and I might still be flying, but if not, I would love to join, so if you could put me down as a maybe

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Gate 61 is all yours!

Let me know as the event nears. I have marked you down as Tentative as of now

ACVA258 and 62A please!

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Gate 62A is yours! :)

I’m not in Air Canada VA (DELTAVA) , is it allowed for me to join?

Yes. This event is open to all! ;)

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Ok then please add me to the event.

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Gate 63 is the one! See you there!

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Can’t wait. I personally really like the AirCanada Livery’s, I think my favourite is the new one. What is your favourite?

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I will let you know as my flight gets closer to my final destination, of if Infinite Flight Crashes

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Alright! Have fun :)

Wish me luck, I have started

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Count me in!
ACVA 248

Butter time ;)


It already crashed, which is weird because normally it crashes after leaving LAX, and it didn’t make it past that, so I will be going

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Event Begins In 1 Hour

Do you still want a gate?

ACVA257 add me @Balloonchaser

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