[COMPLETED] A Visit to Auckland @ WSSS 131500ZAPR19

Event Time :

Aircraft = Air New Zealand 787-9

Spawn at = Gate A09 to A15

Flight time = 9 hours

Server = Casual

Altitude : 33.000ft
Speed = 250kt below 10.000ft | 305kt above 10.000ft | M.085 above 28.000ft
Decend at = 125nm from destination with VS -2200

Copy the FPL from "IPP IFACE - Nicholas”

Reply if you can attend

Sorry but no assigned gates are allowed check these guidelines.

i would like to fly with you

Sorry, departure will be 30 min earlier instead of time provided above. Is that ok

ok, so it will begin now?, because it is 16:01 PM (for me)

Starts now sorry for late notice

I will come ok sorry so last minute

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