(COMPLETED) A Kendell-tastic Adventure! @ YMHB - 252300ZDEC18

Image credit - me

Server: Training - All are welcome.

Airport: YMHB-YSSY

November 25, 2018 3:45 AMNovember 25, 2018 5:30 AM


Please spawn at your gate 10 minutes prior to the event start to get great screenshots! Be respectful of the Unicom. We don’t want trolls ruining the experience for others. Also, please do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you.

Hey all!

This journey will be using the CRJ-200s only Oceanic livery! We will be flying a Kendell CRJ from Hobart to Sydney on a 1hr 30min flight. Please only use this aircraft. We will be searching for some ATC at Hobart as well as Sydney! I will use this event to capture many screenshots for the upcoming VA for this airline!

Departure from Hobart

These are the gates we will use on departure from Hobart.


Copy my flight plan on the day of departure (QantasAviator)


Remote Apron 21 - @Hayden_Tipping
Remote Apron 22 - @Louis
Gate 1 - @Pilotcorn09
Gate 1A - @QantasAviator (me)
Gate 2 - @Thomas
Gate 3 - @Caleb_Parsons
Gate 4 - @QFA_12
Gate 5 - @Cwilliams21

(These gates can all still hold the Kendell CRJ-200, we will use all available passenger gates before utilizing these)
Cargo Apron 08 -
Cargo Apron 08A -
Cargo Apron 09A -
Cargo Apron 10 -

Remote Apron 11A -
Remote Apron 11B - @N339RGsuper_bruce

Hobart ATC
Tower - 118.10 - @Captain_Khalil

Approach/Departure - @Captain_Khalil
Tower/Ground - @Chris_Hoss


Hey, This looks like a great event, but the title is wrong. It should be: A Kendell-tastic Adventure @YMHB - 042300ZDEC18 . I’ll take a gate please, any gate is fine.


Great! See you there!

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Damn! This looks like such a good event, but I have school. Sorry!


Great event you have here! But it seems that you just copied the NOTAMS from my KLGA flyout lol


Why does that matter? Many NOTAMS are extremely similar, I really liked the way you set that one out. It’s what inspired me to do my first event.


Everyone, the date has changed. @Thomas @Oli_H y’all might be able to come now.

Awesome! Sign me up!

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Awww thanks

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Unfortunately I can’t make those times as I’ll be at work till 1pm

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Ok, sorry about that mate. Will ensure you can attend the next event I post.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that before our flight to Brisbane from Hobart, i will be flying in from Devonport, so feel free to join me, it’ll be a 8:00am departure.

November 24, 2018 10:00 PMNovember 24, 2018 10:45 PM


Sorry, still can’t come. Will be out spotting at YMAV for the AirAsia Inaugural

School doesn’t finish until the 11th

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At this time I still present for ATC

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Great, thanks so much!

Cool, I hope you enjoy!

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If possible can i be atc for both airports so i can get some practice in

Are you still able to come? The date has changed.

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Yes, I am still able to come.

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Everyone please note we are now flying Hobart-Sydney, not Brisbane.