[Completed] 8AUG22 / 1400Z NW Desert Flyout in Reno! @KRNO

Welcome to Reno Nevada! Come take a hike with me as we explore beautiful Nevada. Let’s go up South Mountain which was named after the battle name Jesse L Reno was killed in. Look at the valley and city down below. Oh look there’s Lake Tahoe! Now we’ll go explore the Great Basin just beyond the mountains and see it’s beauty. Let’s find some amazing wildlife, maybe we’ll see a mountain lion!! Come fly with me out of this beautiful and amazing city


Save the date!

B Gates
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
B1 Las Vegas B737 Southwest @Aviation_Jerry
B2 Phoenix B738 Southwest @InfiniteFlightCrew
B3 Denver B738 Southwest @Tom_Jennings
B4 San Diego B737 Southwest @Mr_A1B3RT
B5 Burbank B738 Southwest -
B6 New York JFK A320 JetBlue @AirCanada11
B7 Oakland B738 Southwest @Csnake
B8 Los Angeles CRJ7 Delta @bwestman
B9 Long Beach B737 Southwest @United403
B10 Salt Lake City B739 Delta @SharkWreck
B11 Las Vegas A320 Frontier @Carson_Byrnes
C Gates
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
C1 Los Angeles CRJ2 United @Kiran_Mehta
C2 Houston CRJ7 United @Ty_Davis
C3 Chicago B737 United @Danny_Bar2.0
C4 Seattle B739 Alaska -
C5 San Francisco A320 United @Butter575
C6 Portland DH8D Alaska @ouzi
C7 Denver A320 United -
C8 Guadalajara A319 Volaris @the_ding
C9 Phoenix A320 American @IFA_YT
C10 Dallas-Ft Worth B738 American @AmericanB772
C11 Las Vegas A320 Allegiant @TheSimulationGeek
C12 Austin CRJ7 American -

Ground: @Aviation_Jerry
Tower: @Aviation_Jerry

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May i have this one

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Can I get Southwest’s flight to LGB

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Yep sure can your signed up!

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I’ll sign you up thanks for coming!

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Which server is this on

Expert server

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Let’s get some more signups! Event is in 21 days!

I can’t make it I start school

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???, Wow that is so early

Dang yeah i start school the day after

I’ll take this @RagonDragon. May not be able to attend but most likely I can. And I may just maybe change the flight later if I want to.

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Sure you can change it later if you want thanks for joining!

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let’s keep those signups coming!

I’ll take this gate!

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Sure thing @Butter575 thanks for joining!

Can I have Delta to Salt Lake City


Sure! Your signed up

Looks like Q400 strike again for me. This one please?

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Haha alright @ouzi its back to the DH8D for you! Thanks for joining!

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