(COMPLETED) [8 Attending] Sri Lanka Bomb Blast Dedication Flight @ VCBI - 051230ZMAY19

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The 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings were a series of coordinated [terrorist attacks (Terrorism - Wikipedia) that occurred on 21 April 2019, Easter Sunday, when three Christian churches across Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital Colombo were targeted in a series of suicide bombings. Later that day, there were smaller explosions at a housing complex in Dematagoda and a guest house in Dehiwala. At least 253 people were killed,[[2]]

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Sri Lanka Easter Bombings

Join us as we fly around Sri Lanka as a dedication to all who have lost their life in this tragic incident.

Date & Time : 2019-05-05T12:30:00Z

Aircraft : Sri Lanka Airbus A330-300

Server: Training


We will be flying around Sri Lanka. Takeoff and land at VCBI.

Flight Time: 1hr 20 minutes

           Airport Info 


Airport Info


Please reply if you can join and I will assign gates accordingly! We can put you on standby too- just reply

Gate A09 = @NicholasTanJJ (Host)
Gate A08 = @IF787
Gate A07 = @jordanwalks2002
Gate A06 = @Siddhansh
Gate B14 = @Matthew_20204
Gate B12 = @GADE_30
Gate B11 = @Frontier7911
Gate B10

All to follow ATC, if no ATC available, use Unicom. Be professional

Maintain 5nm separation and pushback one by one.

Copy FPL from “IPP IFACE - Nicholas”

Do stay for a while (about 30 minutes) for group photos!


I can join
Callsign Sri Lankan 330

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Alright! Assigned you A04

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Gate please

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I will join

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Assigned both of u a gate

Anyone else would like to join?

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I’ll take a gate

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Me I want to join

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Assigned both of you a gate. @GADE_30 welcome to the community!

Ill join but I may not arrive as im on a medical trip to Colombia but i may have some spare time thank you!

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B11 would be perfect

Assigned you a gate

Thank you!

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Are we landing at each airport or are we using them as waypoints?

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We are using them as waypoints

Gates are still available. Anyone else? We hope to get as much people to join us!

Event starting in 20 mins ! Please spawn 5 mins before event

Please spawn now

I’m sorry. The event has been cancelled. No one turned up at all.