[Completed]5NOV22 / 1500Z Spokane Flyout

Im gonna have to desent then, problem is it can’t be > 14,000ft

I just use half screen.

Lol im at 24k in a q400 with winds of 74kt and i,m going just fine no rocking at all lol

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Half for IFC and half for IF, it is very easy!

I’m desending through 25,000 and dealing with 150 kts crosswinds

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I’m getting 133kt winds up here

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Damn lol thats a lot

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FL240 is kinda smooth

Yesterday I had 160 knots flying through northeastern Canada! And I was only at FL320

Descending to 25000

Yea its not bad iv bin in worse and I Press the auto pilot in this weather I’ve definitely been worse

My passengers are in for a wild ride 😬


I tried going from Auckland to Sidny in a CRJ 700 and I got caught in 184kt winds and the auto pilot could barely manage it.

I ended up diverted I’m going with the wind to another airport but it was still super sketchy. So you can probably trust your auto pilot in this.

Lol look at me on the map i have such a large cross wind to my route lol

Going up to FL390 and I’m having 121kts right now

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@United403 went down to 24000 as well and the wind isn’t terrible

@Johhhn the weather system is from FL200 - FL450. I’m looking at a real time Weather radar

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Bruh if dont go do high in that plane you’ll get into the coffin corner, trust me 100kt winds wont make it easer to get out of lol.

The B737 can go up to 42,000

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