[Completed]5NOV22 / 1500Z Spokane Flyout

@RagonDragon can I share some other events!

Going back down to fl 240 cause the winds just keep rattling the plane around so much

Maybe I feel lazy lol

Not sure ive seen this many replying at once before!

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Yeah sure you can

Happy landings @United403

Lol I didn’t even see lol

They all start with massive

Say hello to Boise for me!!

just about 530380 burgers away from SeaTac!

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Oh Milwaukee I love that town. Iv bin there before the outside hills so pretty in the winter

Big Mac or cheeseburger?

whatever the average size is, although i’m half sure when i did the research it was a big mac as a reference

40 minutes exactly!!!

I’m about to leave the mountains so it might die down a bit….


you’ve changed through quite a few pfps now

My winds are the same but I omost have a exact tail wind and my rocking is way down and I cutting a entiere 40mins off of arrival time lol

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FINALLY turned off seatbelt signs off over Boise with just about 100kt winds

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Sorry wasn’t able to join I was having a good time in Cancun