[Completed]5NOV22 / 1500Z Spokane Flyout

My winds have picked up from 74kt to 91kt but is still Manageable but ima put my seat belt sign on

Half screen doesn’t really work with IF on iPadOS. Also this way if I full screen another app, IF effectively runs in the background

I have my phone going and im just typing on a other device lol

Whatever works best for you!

Its one of those trash ipads the schools give you but its nice to not go back and forth

Un like you you can’t split screen on a phone as far as I know of

Climbing back up to fl 300 anyone else descend to get out of the wind?

Turning Downwind for 28R in Boise!!

I might the winds keep picking up they at 110kt and I starting to rock somewhat baddly but still on a efficient corse

Lol that 110 at FL240 I dont wont to know what they are above me

Is this even possible…?

If so I guess I’m in the wrong altitude at the wrong time lol

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Yeah I looked on a weather radar and the winds don’t stop till Boise

No chance man!

You were just saying that you were utilizing two devices, and i just said whatever works best for you, nothing split screen related.

Also i think some Android phones can

Well that’s nice. I’m at 140kts with severe turbulence

LOL… thats funny never seen that before LOL

Why not?? 😂

Better hope the gusts don’t pick up lol

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You guys must be going through some storms, all i got is a little puff of 30kts

Bruh how, lol u lucky we all here burning more fuel and murdering are auto pilots