(COMPLETED) 5MAY24 | Cinco De Mayo En La Ciudad | An MMMX Fly-Out & Fly-In

Bienvenidos A Ciudad de Mexico

Celebrated by millions of Mexicans a year, Cinco de Mayo is a day to remember. Let’s celebrate together in La Ciudad de Los Palacios. Home to Alfonso Cuaron and Frida Kahlo, Mexico City is a vibrant, and fun place to be. Join me and @Infinite_Ec as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico City!

Server : Expert

Airport : Benito Juarez Aeropuerto Internacional (MEX / MMMX)

Time : 2024-05-05T18:00:00Z2024-05-05T20:00:00Z

To make this event more fun, we have decided to not include Gate Assignments. If you would like to join, please click the “Going / Interested Button” on the event block. It is recommended that you fly a realistic route.

Recommended Routes :

Route Aircraft Type Airline Length
MMMX-MMUN B737-800 Aero Mexico ~2h 20m
MMMX-KLAX B757-200 Delta Airlines ~4h 15m
MMMX-SKBO A320-200 Avianca ~4h 40m
KDFW-MMMX B737-800 American Airlines ~2h 30m
MMGL-MMMX E190 Aero Mexico ~1h 25m
MMAA-MMMX A320-200 Viva Aerobus ~1h 15m

MMMX Frequencies
Frequency Name
Mexico Center
Frequency Name

PM me if you would like to control

  • You can fly in or fly out at any time during the event.

  • It is recommended that you spawn during the event if you are Flying-Out.

  • If you are Flying-In, you should consider flight time so you can arrive on time.

  • Please follow all ATC instructions given.

  • If ATC is not present, please use Traffic accordingly.

  • This event is on the Expert server. Please act professionally.

  • Remember, I am not responsible for any violations issued.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the event!

It’s great to be back everyone :D


Let’s get some signups!

This looks like an awesome event, will try my best to join!


The event is slowly approaching :D

Any new signups?

There’s just a month until the Fly-Out and Fly-In!!!

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We are getting closer!!!

We are just about two and a half weeks out :D

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Would anyone else like to join the event?

There is exactly one week until the event!

We are 3 days out!

MMMX GTS is open!


And MMMX is closed! Thank you to those who attended.


Sorry : I asked RWY 05L and landed 05R. I was too concentrated on my approach 😀. Thank you for the traffic control !

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Thank you so much to everyone who attended, sorry if I was late to the event I had some Wi-Fi issues.

Interesting event, I’ll be there, greetings from Mexico city


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