[Completed]4FEB22 The San Anton’ Flyout

Keep filling this amazing airport!!!

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Event Bump!

Two Weeks Till Event! @here

And this I will certainly take

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You bet @United403 great route choice!

Event bump!

Let’s fill San Antonio!

1 More Week Till Event! @here Let’s get some more signups!

Event Bump! Let’s fill those gates!

Event Bump! 1 Week!

Keep those signups coming @here

Can I take this

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@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek You bet

I believe I am Signed up for 2 gates 🤣

Can I just take the flight time Guadalajara

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Yea sure although I think the Colorado Speings route is cooler 😉

than I’ll stick with KCOS

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Sure thing!

Let’s fill those gates!

@here make sure your still able to attend

This gate pls

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