[Completed] (4 attending) Sounds Air Virtual inaugural event | @NZWN | 201400ZOCT19

Welcome to Sounds Air Virtual’s Inaugural event


About us

We are based at Wellington International Airport and we mainly operate the C208 and we love flying around the lesser known areas of New Zealand and that’s what makes our VA great

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Event description

This event will be a group flight between Wellington (NZWN) and Nelson (NZNS) which is one of our busiest and most popular Routes

Flight details

Server: Training
Time and Date : 2019-10-20T14:00:00Z
Airport: NZWN to NZNS
Aircraft : C208
Livery : Sounds Air
Distance: 72NM
Flight Time: 35-45 minutes
▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before we start
▪ Please respect Unicom if ATC isnt available and other pilots
▪ Spawn at the gate you are assigned to
▪ Follow ATC instructions at all times
All Sounds Air Virtual Pilots will get 1.5× flight time

Gate Assignments

Gate Aircraft Pilot Callsign
04N C208
05N C208
06N C208
07N C208
08S C208
09S C208
10 C208 @Sashaz55(CEO) SAV001
11 C208 @Matthew_20204 SAV016
12S C208 @David_Mullen N76VT
13S C208 @Infinite_Qantas
Stand 03N C208
Stand 01S C208
Stand 02S C208

More gates will be added if needed


Ground: @GearDownAviationYT
Tower: @GearDownAviationYT

Tower: @GearDownAviationYT


Sign me up! SVVA001

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I forgot to add you😉


Sign up we still need alot more attendants!!

Event is this weekend! Sign up while you can!

Heads up, you have a few grammar mistakes in the title. Not trying to be the grammar police, just want your title to look neat!

Second, nice event. I probably won’t make it but it is cool to see. I hope you guys have fun.


Any gate, please. N76VT. I’m not a member but love flying NZ and the 208.


Hello! I can control ground and tower @ Wellington!

I could also switch to Nelson tower about 10 minutes before you all land!

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Great I’ll sign you up see you there

I’ll sign you up 😊

@Sashaz55 @David_Mullen @GearDownAviationYT you can start spawning in and just copy my flight plan

Sign me up lol

Great I’ll sign you up

Great :), the event is happenings now right?

Yes hopefully the rest will spawn in

Well be using Runway 34 and cruise altitude will 11,000ft

I guess it’s just you and me

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Yep😂 looks like the rest forgot

Well then, shall we depart?

We can pushback