[Completed]3DEC22 / 1500Z St Louis Flyout

Let’s keep those signups coming!

this one please

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Signed up @Tucker_Ryan

Keep filling St. Louis

18 Days Till Event! Let’s fill St. Louis!

Event bump!

Event Bump

I’ll take the Air Canada flight with the CRJ9 to Toronto from gate A12

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I don’t fly into Boston enough tbh. I’ll take this route please.

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Can I grab E29 to Frankfurt?

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@LongHaulGuy @JMacMcd @Chaseelliottfan9WG Signed up!



This event is now sponsored by @SouthwestVirtual!


Event Bump!

Keep those signups coming

Let’s hope they show up this time

11 days to go! Let’s fill St. Louis!

Keep Filling St. Louis

9 days till event! Let’s keep those signups coming!

Event bump!

New date or still December 3 at 11AM EST? If that still the time then I wont be able to make it. Please free up my gate at E4 to LGA.