[COMPLETED] 31AUG21/1730Z - Caribbean Virtual presents "Follow the Hummingbird" Independence Day Launch Event


What better way to end the summer than to celebrate Trinidad’s Independence with our Maiden Voyage from the Capital of Port-of-Spain! Follow the Hummingbird as we set out, celebrating Trinidad’s Independence and our official Launch of Operations!

Trinidad’s Independence



At midnight, August 31st, 1962, the Dominion of Trinidad and Tobago (Republic 1972) became Independent from The British Empire. Following Jamaica, who gained its independence on August 6th, 1962, it is the 3rd Caribbean Nation and the first of the Lesser Antilles to receive Independence from Europe. The dominion was led to Independence by The Late Hon. Dr. Eric Williams (Prime Minister), previously the premier of the former British Colony, succeeded by The Late Hon George Chambers. This 31st, Trinidad will celebrate 59 years as an Independent Republic Nation.

Flight Information

Server: Expert

Airport: Piarco International Airport TTPP - Norman Manley International Airport MKJP

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Livery: Caribbean Airlines

Time: 1730Z - 1958Z

Flight Time: 2hrs 28min

Airport Information

Norman Manley International Airport

Runway Length: 2,716m
Airspace: Class Delta
Passenger Gates: 9
Runways: 12,30

Piarco International Airport

Runway Length: 3,200m
Airspace: Class Delta
Passenger Gates: 17
Runways: 10,28


Pushback time will be 15 minutes prior to Departure
Pilots must be spawned in 1 hour before the event
Flight Plan will be ready upon spawn
Pilots are required to obey all ATC rules when using either unicom or live ATC
All rules to expert server apply

Gate Assignment

Respond to this thread or send a messge if you are interested in joining

TTPP airport diagram
Name Gate Callsign
@Patrick_Sterling_Jr Gate 01 Caribbean001VA
@Bparker268 Gate 02 Caribbean010VA
@Poke_HDgaming Gate 03 Caribbean011VA
@TheLegitPilot Gate 05 Caribbean012VA
@HDS_Host Gate 06 Caribbean013VA
@Knight Gate 07 Caribbean014VA
@EI-AVA Gate 08 Caribbean002VA
@CompetitiveDivide320 Gate 09 Caribbean015VA
- Gate 10 -
- Gate 11 -
- Gate 13 -
- Gate 14 -
- Gate 15 -
- Gate 16 -
- Gate 17 -

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Awesomeness! As I’m from the Caribbean I’m excited about this. Sign me up please!

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Sure thing!

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Thanks mate. Is there any specifications in terms of aircraft that is required? Was too excited to read through lol. Wanted to fly BA British Airways 777 - 300W.

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The aircraft that will be used is the Caribbean Boeing 737-800

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Awesome. Got it! Shall be my first time flying it. I like a challenge. Just read through the details lol 😅 thanks man. Can’t wait.

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sign me up

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also what time cause i got school and im in eastern time btw

1700Z which is 1300EST (1:00pm)

How do I sign up

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I’ve signed you in

2 days left to sign up for the event guys !

Only 24 hours left to sign up!

Sign me up please

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Sure thing!
You’re signed up

Do you gents need any ATC for departure?

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already got it but it would be nice if we could get ATC at MKJP for arrival

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