[Completed] 30OCT21 / 1900z - Welcoming 21.6 | Huge AFKLM Amsterdam Flyout @EHAM

Welcoming 21.6 | AFKLM EHAM Flyout

Welcome all to the EHAM flyout celebrating the latest Infinite Flight update! With this update, we have the wonderful surprise of seeing EHAM and EHEH, two of our KLM hubs, become 3D. We are extremely happy to welcome all of you onboard to join us in this fantastic flyout. In this flyout, you will see some of our AFKLM pilots and we hope to see you. Departure will be on the 30th of October 2021 at 1900z. See you there!

Credits to @Emiel_l For the list of gates
Credits to @IF-Mallorca For the Banner image
Credits to @hass.ik For the Banner edit

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Day/Time: Saturday 2021-10-30T19:00:00Z
Departure Airport : Amsterdam Schiphol Airport [EHAM]

How to Reserve a Gate:

To RSVP for the event, reply via the comments section below and include Your Callsign and Gate Selection.

Please quote the gate you would like along with your callsign and we will add you.


B Gates - 18 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
B13 EDDL E190 KLM Cityhopper Dusseldorf @CrazyBee AFKLM247
B15 LIEE E190 KLM Cityhopper Cagliari
B16 LDDU E190 KLM Cityhopper Dubrovnik
B17 EFHK E190 KLM Cityhopper Helsinki
B20 LEIB E190 KLM Cityhopper Ibiza
B23 LPPR E190 KLM Cityhopper Porto
B24 ESSL E190 KLM Cityhopper Linkoping
B27 EGPE E190 KLM Cityhopper Inverness
B28 LEBB E190 KLM Cityhopper Bilbao
B31 LHBP E190 KLM Cityhopper Budapest
B32 EGLC E190 KLM Cityhopper London City @Destroyer350
B35 EDDF E190 KLM Cityhopper Frankfurt
B36 EDDS E190 KLM Cityhopper Stuttgart
B72 EGNJ E190 KLM Cityhopper Huddersfield
B73 EICK A320 Aer Lingus Cork
B74 LSZH A320 Swiss Zurich @LongHaulGuy
B76 LEMG A320 Vueling Malaga
B82 ELLX E190 KLM Cityhopper Luxembourg
B84 LIMJ E190 KLM Cityhopper Genoa
B92 EGLC E190 KLM Cityhopper London
B94 EFHK E190 Finnair Helsinki
C Gates - 10 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
C4 EGLL B737-700 KLM London @Eric_Welling AFKLM225
C5 EGCC B737-700 KLM Manchester KL 1079 KL 1079
C6 EDDH B737-700 KLM Hamburg
C7 LFPG A320 Air France Paris
C8 LEIB B737-900 KLM Ibiza @KJKLM281 AFKLM281
C9 EDDB B737-700 KLM Berlin Brandenburg
C10 EPWA B737-800 LOT Warsaw @PolandBall_120 LOT 120VA
C11 LIRF B737-900 KLM Rome
C12 ESSA B737-700 KLM Stockholm
C13 LEAL B737-800 Transavia Alicante @Epriestley2001 AFKLM240
C14 EPWA B737-700 KLM Warsaw
C15 ESSA CRJ-900 SAS Stockholm
C16 LFML B737-700 KLM Marseille
C18 EGPH B737-700 KLM Edinburgh
D gates - 23 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
D3 LFPO B737-800 Transavia Paris
D4 UUEE A320 Aeroflot Moscow @RealLukejw Aeroflot 1575
D5 GMMR B737-800 Royal Air Maroc Nador
D7 EGLL A320 British Airways London @Captainhawkrige Speedbird 910
D10 UKBB B737-800 Ukraine International Kyiv
D12 ENGM B737-700 KLM Oslo @Roubsan AFKLM 236
D14 LROP A318-100 Tarom Bucharest
D16 LEBL B737-800 Transavia Barcelona @Xavier_Wynne Transavia 259
D18 LOWW B737-700 KLM Vienna @John_Ryan1 AFKLM114
D22 LFML B737-800 Transavia Nice
D23 EKCH B737-800 Norwegian Cophenhagen
D24 LIRP B737-800 Transavia Pisa
D25 LFPG A320 Air France Paris @JBU173 AF 1441
D26 LEPA B737-800 Transavia Palma de Mallorca
D27 LEGE B737-800 Transavia Girona
D28 UGTB B737-700 Georgian Tbilisi
D29 EIDW A320 Aer Lingus Dublin
D31 ULLI B737-700 / B737-900 KLM Saint Petersburg
D41 LIRF A321 Alitalia Rome
D43 KBOS A330-300 Delta Boston @H-Bob I-DGAF
D44 LROP B737-700 / 737-900 KLM Bucharest @Robin3 AFKLM245
D47 KJFK A330-900 Delta New York @travelingcornstalk DL 528VA
D48 LGKR B737-800 Transavia Corfu
D49 LEMG B737-800 Transavia Malaga
D51 ENBR B737-700 KLM Istanbul @ATK AFKLM112
D52 LPFR B737-800 Transavia Faro
D53 GCLP B737-800 Transavia
D54 LTFE B737-800 Transavia Bodrum
D55 LIRN B737-800 Transavia Naples
D56 LGAV B737-700 / B737-900 KLM Athens
D57A EGKK A320 British Airways London
E gates - Full!
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
E2 OMDB B787-10 KLM Dubai @AndrewGraham KLM331
E3 KDTW A350-900 Delta Detroit @IF_KGRR DL219
E4 KBOS B777-300ER KLM Mumbai @AlphaKilo AFKLM151
E5 VABB B777-300ER KLM Mumbai @Omkar_Rathi AFKLM889
E6 TNCB Boeing 777-300ER KLM Bonaire @Manav_Suri AFKLM005
E7 TNCB B777-300ER KLM Bonaire @Ramzi_Khairan AFKLM008
E8 VABB B777-300ER KLM Mumbai @sanketpandia AFKLM012
E9 VABB B777-300ER KLM Mumbai @Rohann AFKLM999
E17 KSEA A330-900 Delta Salt Lake City @hass.ik AFKLM006
E18 SCEL B777-300ER KLM Santiago @Flying_dutchman1 AFKLM011
E19 KATL A330-300 Delta Atlanta @Dom_Stewart DL 105VA
E20 RCTP A350-900 China Airlines Taipei @Sierra_Golf AFKLM216
E24 ZSPD B747-400 KLM Shanghai @Bill_Deng AFKLM018
F gates - Full!
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
F3 TNCM A330-300 KLM Sint Maarten @Omar_DeWindt AFKLM004
F4 SPJC MD-11 KLM Lima @John370 AFKLM001
F5 FACT B787-9 KLM Cape town @Massey116_Stefan AFKLM118
F6 TNCC B777-300ER KLM Curaçao @IFPHG-CARL KLM 299PR
F7 SBGR B777-300ER KLM São Paulo @DuncanNL AFKLM255
F8 HTKJ B787-10 KLM Kilimanjaro @Adrien_F AFKLM206
F9 KSFO B777-300ER KLM San Fransisco @KJKLM281 AFKLM281
G gates - 1 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
G2 SEQM B777-200ER KLM Quito @Dinho
G3 ZSAM B787-8 Xiamen Air Xiamen @Arizona_Aviator Xiamen 812
G4 KIAD A330-300 KLM Washington @kylen15 AFKLM221
G5 WIII B777-300ER Garuda Indonesia Jakarta @Swiss0129 Garuda Indonesia 88
G6 WSSS B777-200ER KLM Singapore @Chindle_1204 AFKLM241
G7 WSSS B787-9 KLM Singapore @Captain_Dreamliner KLM 839
G8 SAEZ B787-9 KLM Buenos Aires @Offvoice2 AFKLM212
G9 CYYC A330-300 KLM Calgary
H gates - 1 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
H1 EGSS A320 Easyjet London @Ikaika_Boi808 Ezy82MU
H2 LFSB A319 Easyjet Basel @elitespeed00 Top Swiss 274VA
H3 LIPZ A319 Easyjet Venice @Jakub_Astary OM-LET
H4 LIPZ A319 Easyjet Venice @Speedbird222 Alpine 34AP
H5 EGBB A320 Easyjet Birmingham @TRIPLEJOHN Easyjet431
H6 EIDW B738 Ryanair Dublin @Jon_Aultman Ryanair 221
H7 LEMG B738 Ryanair Malaga
D and E Aprons - 7 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
D88 HECA B737-800 EgyptAir Cairo
D90 LDZA A319 Croatia Airlines Zagreb
D92 ESSA B737-800 Norwegian Stockholm
D93 LLBG B737-800 Transavia Tel Aviv
D94 LIRN B737-700 KLM Naples
D95 LTFM A321 Turkish Airlines Istanbul @Monkey_Pilots Turkish 1983
E72 KJFK B787-10 KLM New York @Lachlanavitor KLM641
E75 KSFO B777-300ER KLM San Fransisco
E77 VIDP B787-9 KLM New Delhi
G, J and P Aprons - 9 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
G71 MPTO B777-300ER KLM Panama City
G73 VHHH A350-900 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong
G76 TNCC B787-8 Tui Curaçao
G79 KMSP B787-9 KLM Minneapolis
J80 SCEL B777-200ER KLM Santiago @Mayank_Pawar AFKLM285
J81 SCEL B777-200ER KLM Santiago
J83 SCEL B777-200ER KLM Santiago @El_YuainXD AFKLM232
J84 SCEL B777-200ER KLM Santiago @Dubya AFKLM217
J85 VVTS A350-900 Vietnam Airlines Ho Chi Minh City
J86 VTBS B777-300ER KLM Bangkok @Arnav_Ola AFKLM238
J87 KDTW A350-900 Delta Detroit @Connor.CHARLES Delta 47
P10 KORD B787-9 United Airlines Chicago @ButterAllDay United 908
P11 KEWR B787-9 United Airlines New York @BERTZ
P13 MMMX B787-8 Aero Mexico Mexico City @alen_rgb United 56
P14 KORD B787-9 United Airlines Chicago
P15 LGAV A321 Aegean Athens
P16 KJFK A330-900 Delta New York @Qatari777YT Delta 777T
R aprons (Cargo) - 7 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
R72 KORD MD-11F Martinair Cargo Chicago
R74 HKJK MD-11F Martinair Cargo Nairobi
R77 HECA MD-11F Martinair Cargo Cairo
R80 KMIA MD-11F Martinair Cargo Miami
R81 SBKP MD-11F Martinair Cargo Campinas
R82 ZSPD B777-200F Air China Shanghai
R83 EGLL MD-11F Generic London
S aprons (Cargo) - 7 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
S72 SKBO MD-11F Martinair Cargo Bogota @ItsinziAir AFKLM150
S74 ZGGG B777-200F China Southern Cargo Guangzhou @Alexian61 YR-JAV
S77 RKSI B777-200F Korean Air Cargo Seoul
S79 EGSS MD-11F Martinair Cargo London
S82 OMAA B777-200F / A330-200F Etihad Cargo Abhu Dhabi
S84 LTBA A330-200F Turkish Cargo Istanbul
S87 EDDP B757-200 DHL Leipzig
S90 HKJK B747-8 CargoLux Nairobi
S92 OMDB B777-200F Emirates Cargo Dubai @Zaid_Martines EK9990
S94 SKBO MD-11F Martinair Cargo Bogota @MainSky Martinair 661
S96 SEQM MD-11F Martinair Cargo Quito @Raoul_G AFKLM170
GA Aprons - 15 Remaining
Gate Destination Aircraft City IFC name Callsign

Everyone is asked to spawn in between 1830-1900z and are asked to push back in an orderly fashion. You may choose when to push back but please avoid doing it at exactly 1900z and rather 10-30mins later. Of course, if you need to get moving you are welcome to pushback earlier we just want to spread them out

Additionally, any airport charts, you must provide yourself.

In-Depth Flight Details

Main Details

Flight details must be provided by yourself as we will not provide them
Main communication will be on the thread
Please be patient if your gate is taken

Departure Procedures

Follow all instructions given by IFATC
Please only pushback at your assigned pushback time
Avoid contact with any other aircraft
Please be patient

Airport Information


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, EHAM, was officially founded in 1920, but the first plane landed there on 19th September 1916. The airfield was first used as a military base, but when civil aviation became more and more popular and is now home to one of our core airlines, KLM.

Notice To Airmen:

[ 1 ] This event is open to all IFC members, including non-AIRFRANCE-KLM VA pilots.

[ 2 ] Attendees are asked to spawn in 10minutes before their scheduled departure time.

[ 3 ] Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times.

[ 4 ] Prior to spawning in, please be sure to double-check your assigned gate and push back order in the event of a last-minute change.

[ 5 ] Wait until the aircraft ahead of you ahead has reached 2000ft AGL before entering the runway and beginning your take-off roll.

[ 6 ] Maximum taxi speed on the ground is 20kts on straightaways, 12kts on turns.

[ 7 ] Contact AFKLM Event Manager through this account if you have any issues or doubts.

[ 8 ] Most importantly, have fun during the event and enjoy your flight!

We are AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual

Established in 2017, AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airways, low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLMVA portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair.

We offer mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform and a relaxed, friendly culture to ensure that you enjoy the journey. With 33 planes in our fleet, 319 destinations across the globe, a detailed flight operations system and a flight training academy for new pilots, plus a mix of dynamic events, we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

Visit AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Website


This one please 😊 AFKLM006

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Of course!


Sign me up for this one, callsign will be speed bird 910.

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Hi, can I have this?

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I think I would have this :) AFKLM018

Requesting this gate:

Can i get a change to KLM 78X?

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Sure thing! Lovely flight.


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I love this flight and I hope you will too! All yours. What callsign?


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Ah yes! Sorry, Bill. I forgot to add you. Will do now


Hey there! Unfortunately, I have had a look and the 787-10 does not fly this route. I can offer you the 787-9 if that is ok!

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Oh my bad i meant the 789 😬

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No problem at all, the gate is yours. See you there!


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Thank You! 🙂

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Can I get your callsign as well, please?


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My callsign would be KLM 839

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Great event! Looking forward to it :)

breaking the servers again i see 😏 @Flying_dutchman1 @Emiel_l


You know me all too well Manav!

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P16 KJFK A330-900 Delta New York
may i have the NEO flight to JFK

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Sure thing! What callsign?


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