[Completed] 30MAY21 / 2000Z - Scenic Sundays | Alaskan Journey @ PAJN

Oh lemme join this last second

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I’m gonna change livery for some more color diversity :)

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Spawned into 11

Lets roll.

Flight Details:

Leg Origin Destination Speed Altitude Duration
1 PAJN PAOH 115 knts 2,500 feet 20 Minutes
2 PAOH PAGS 115 knts 2,500 feet 15 Minutes
3 PAGS PAJN 115 knts 7,500 feet 20 Minutes

We’ll follow the river down southeast and then head VFR to PAOH

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Why did I get a violation for taxiing through grass or terminal area? @DeerCrusher

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Why are you taxiing on a roadway?

You overtook me on a road :)

Because I was given way before haribo and he was stopped to give way to me

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I was giving way to @DeerCrusher

You are on the expert server. Please taxi appropriately. This does not give you a free pass to taxi where cars and other vehicles drive. Thank you.

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Oh shoot, well sorry about that

How was evreyone’s takeoff?

Does tokyo drift explain it?

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tookoff in 200 feet <3


Xcub> twin otter

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We’ll make a right-hand turn and head basically direct to PAOH. Pattern altitude will be 1,100 feet


How should we go about separation on final, extended downwinds?

Edit: Oh wait we fly straight in

me right now with my window open 😎

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@DeerCrusher do you want to be ahead?