[Completed] {3 attending} A Day at Kaohsiung @RCKH 261900ZJUL19

Here you go

Thank you!

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A lot of medium size gates are still open. Please join

Great to see this event! There is no need to constantly remind about your event, as it just spams the events page. If people want to come to your event, they will, trust me. You still have quite a while before it happens.

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Sorry, I should have realized I was spamming

Now less than a week away

5 days left, 4/5 are confirmed to join

Only 3 more days

@Dylan_M you have been removed

The event is today, feel free to still sign up.

5 hours left

I’ll take a air Asia to Kuala Lumpur

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Ok thank you for the quick join, at least two just left…

2 hours left

1 hour left , still accepting signups

Can we get more people?

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You guys can do it!

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Special thank you to the only attendee, @Helicopterzzz

No worries.

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Had to end. Low fuel

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