[Completed] 2JUN20 / 2000Z - From the City of Seven Hills to The Home of Cristiano Ronaldo @LPPT-LPMA

Hello Everyone



Humberto Delgado Airport (IATA: LIS , ICAO: LPPT ), also known simply as Lisbon Airport or Portela Airport , is an international airport located 7 km (4.3 mi) northeast from the city centre of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.[2] The airport is the main international gateway to Portugal. It is the 20th-largest airport in Europe in terms of passenger volume, having served 31,173,000 passengers in 2019, an increase over the previous year of 7.4%. As of 2019 the airport handled 141 thousand tonnes of cargo.[3] It is an important European hub to Brazil,[4] the largest European Star Alliance hub to South America[5][6] and also a European hub to Africa.[7] The airport is the main hub of Portugal’s flag carrier TAP Air Portugal including its subsidiary TAP Express in addition of being a hub for low-cost airlines Ryanair and easyJet. It is a focus city for Azores Airlines, euroAtlantic Airways, Hi Fly, Orbest, and White Airways. The airport is run by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, which was concessioned to the French group Vinci Airports in February 2013.[8] In January 2019, Portugal’s government unveiled a 1.1-billion-euro ($1.26 billion) plan to expand Lisbon’s current airport and build a second one in Montijo.[9] It aims to handle around 50 million passengers a year from 2022.[10][11]


Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport , commonly known as Madeira Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto da Madeira ) or Funchal Airport ( Aeroporto do Funchal ) (IATA: FNC , ICAO: LPMA ), is an international airport in the civil parish of Santa Cruz in the Portuguese archipelago and autonomous region of Madeira. The airport is located 13.2 km (8.2 mi) east-northeast of the regional capital, Funchal, after which it is sometimes informally named. It mostly hosts flights to European metropolitan destinations due to Madeira’s importance as a leisure destination, and is pivotal in the movement of cargo in and out of the archipelago of Madeira. It is the fourth-busiest airport in Portugal. The airport is named after Madeiran football player Cristiano Ronaldo. The airport is considered one of the most peculiarly perilous airports in the world[1] due to its location and its spectacular runway construction. It received the Outstanding Structure Award in 2004 by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.[2][3][4][5] The History Channel program Most Extreme Airports ranked it as the ninth most dangerous airport in the world and the third most dangerous in Europe.[6] Pilots must undergo additional training to land at the airport.[7]


Server: Expert

Departure Time: 2020-06-02T20:00:00Z

Departure Airport: Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport

Arrival Airport: Funchal Christiano Ronaldo Airport

Projected Flight Time: 1:25

Aircraft/Airline: TAP A319, or 320, EasyJet A319

Flight Plan: Copy off @CPT_HILD (me)


@Pingu (TAP A320)
@Lufthansa2 (TAP A319)
@CJLAviation (TAP A319)
@MJP_27 (TAP A320)
@Luka_ZagerDuric (TAP A320)


Please use ATC appropriately and respect all pilots. I’m not responsible for any ghost nor violations. Before the flight I will create a PM and go over the final details for our flight. And most importantly HAVE FUN!


Hey there! I can try to join, won’t be too sure though.

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ok what airline?

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I’ll join in the TAP A320, thanks!

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alright your down!

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TAP A319 for me :)

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u mean the 320.

They have the 319 in game if I’m not wrong.

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I just read the specifics of the post, is it okay if I fly the 319? I know it says A320 but I want to try something new ;)

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I will try to be there in the TAP A320. Looks like an awesome group flight btw. :)

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I’ll put u down for the 319.

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Will we be utilizing SID’s and STAR’s?

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Can’t wait to use that wack approach that they have at Madeira.

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yes when I spawn in I will make the fpl and it will have the SIDS/STARS!


Is it possible for me to change to the TAP A319. It would be nice to see a good mix of A320s and A319 so I want to balance it out.

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sure no problem!

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Thanks! It is going to be an awesome flight! :)

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changes are made.

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Are there certain gates you would like us to spawn at, so then we can get a nice group picture?

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I will go over those kinds of details in the PM.

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