[COMPLETED] 29AUG20 / 1500Z - A Canary Islands Flyout Series [Pt.2] @ GCTS

Welcome to my Canary Islands Flyout Series where we will explore the Beautiful Canary Islands!

Credit: Me From Previous GCLP Flyout

Information on Tenerife:

Tenerife is a Beautiful Island located near the middle of the Canary Islands. With two Airports on the island, there is no wonder it is a popular tourist destination! With airlines like Binter, Jet2, Vueling and TUI operating regularly to the island it definitely is one of the popular Islands! This Flyout in particular will take place In the lovely airport of Tenerife South , Located on the South East of the Island. With an abundance of destinations and routes, Tenerife is definitely one of the Islands that stand out the most!

Fun Facts about Tenerife South

-The airport is located 60km from the Islands Capital, Santa De Cruz.
-92% of traffic that passes through Tenerife is Touristic.
-Has a single passenger terminal.
-The 5 busiest International routes from Tenerife include, Manchester, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Birmingham and East Midlands!
-Tenerife South airport handled over 11,100,000 passengers in 2019!
-There are three floors in total within the terminal.


Hello everyone, I am proud to have this event Partnered by Jet2 Virtual. Founded recently in May of 2020, they fly realistic routes to many destinations, with a fleet true to that of Jet2. Jet2 Virtual have an abundance of diverse routes all around Europe with friendly pilots and supportive staff. I am very happy to announce this great news and I look forward to seeing everyone there. Check out their Beautiful thread Here.

I am proud to have this thread Partnered with TUI Virtual , TUI Virtual Fly to many Destinations from Tenerife south with their beautiful blue-stroke livery in the 737 class. Furthermore, TUI Virtual has lots of pilots within the VA and helpful staff making your time VA the best it can be! I’m happy to announce this partnership and i look forward to seeing everyone there. Check out the thread Here.

Server  -> Expert
Airport -> GCTS [Tenerife South]
Time    -> 29AUG20 / 1500Z

Gate Information:

Jet2 Virtual Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Attendee
E13 737-800 Jet2 Manchester EGCC @ScottishPilot
H14 A321-200 Jet2 [Thomas Cook Codeshare] Manchester EGCC @DanG387
H15 737-800 Jet2 Stansted EGSS @Charlieab29
T16 A321-200 Jet2 [Thomas Cook Codeshare] Manchester EGCC @Joshua_Mccabe
T17 Jet2 @
H18 A330-300 Jet2 Manchester EGCC @Kyle0705
H19 737-800 Jet2 Glasgow EGPF @Declan_Mcgee
H20 A330-300 Jet2 Manchester EGCC @

TUI Virtual Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Attendee
E21 737-800 TUI Manchester EGCC @
E22 737-800 TUI Madiera LPMA @MrFresh
E23 737-800 TUI Manchester EGCC @Jamie_pharoah
E24 737-800 TUI @
E25 737-800 TUI @
E26 737-800 TUI @
E27 757-200 TUI @
E28 757-200 TUI @

Miscellaneous Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Attendee
H02 A320 British Airways London Gatwick EGKK @Kieran464
H04 @
H05 @
F01 Vueling @
F02 Vueling @
F03 Vueling @
F04 Vueling @
F05 CRJ-1000 Binter Las Palmas GCLP @AGSilver_04
F06 @
F07 @
F08 @
I06 @
I07 @
I08 @
I09 @
H10 @
I11 @
J12 @
G01 @
GA04 TBM930 N/A Tenerife North GCXO @Marcel001
GA02 TBM @
E29 @
E30 @
E31 @
E32 @
E33 @
J34 @
J35 @
J36 @

Notams and Notes

~ IFATC may be present.

~ Any Reports/ghosts are not my responsibility.

~ I would like everyone Attending to Use a SID (Standard Information Departure).

~ Suggested SID(s) will be announced in the Event PM along with the Active Runway and METAR for GCTS.

~ If on a Remote Gate, [Close to the runway] you can just taxi onto the taxiway! No need to request or push back from these slots!

~ Please use a Flight plan for this event. Suggested websites include, simbrief.com or fpltoif.com .

~ Any Questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

~ Have fun and Keep the Blue Side Up:)



Suggested Routes

Thank you for reading, i hope to see you at the Event!


Good good!.

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Can I have a Tui Virtual gate please

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Yes where would you like to go?

Hey! I’ll get a gate to Tenerife North with the TBM930!

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Manchester, got a feeling the aircraft might need to be changed but I’ll let you know

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Hi! Another great event! Could I please take E13, Jet2 757 to Leeds (LSVA245)?

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Great event let’s go TCX to Brum please LSVA256

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Hello, thanks for showing interest in my Flyout!

I have signed up the following people, @Marcel001, @FlyCymru101 , @Owswald And @DanG387.

Looking forward to seeing you guys at the event!


BA A320 to EGKK pls! Love doing routes i’ve flown in real life!

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Yes, I’ve signed you up!

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Could i get a gate for an AZ A321 to LIRF? Callsign AZVA06

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Yeah of course! Signed you up now.

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Can i have a TUIVA Gate pls :)


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Where would you like to go?

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sry forgot about that, i would like to fly to LPMA

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I’ll take a Binter flight to GCLP.

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New Sign ups

~ @mrfresh I have given you a gate to Madiera.

~ @AGSilver_04 I have given you a gate to Gran Canaria.

Thanks for signing up, I hope to so you there!

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Can i have a TUIVA gate to Manchester please


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Yes you can! Look forward to seeing you there.