[Completed] 28MAR21/1530Z From Tropics to Main Land Cold @ PHOG

About Kahului Airport

Kahului Airport is located on the island of Maui. The Airport serves mainly mainland US flights, except for a flight to Canada and Alaska. Most flights into Kahului Airport originate from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport; the Honolulu–Kahului corridor is one of the heaviest-trafficked air routes in the US, ranking 13th in 2004 with 1,632,000 passengers.


  • A group PM will be sent out 3 Days before the event will take place with information regarding the event details
  • Please respect IFATC if present. If they are not present, please respect Unicom usage.

Main Terminal

Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
United 738 KSFO Gate 1 @Zachsurf
Alaska 738 KSEA Gate 5 N/A
American A321 KLAX Gate 7 N/A
Hawaiian A320 PHNL Gate 9 @Ahmed1
Hawaiian B717 PHNL Gate 11 @N489DN
Hawaiian B717 PHLI Gate 13 N/A
United B757 KDEN Gate 15 @ORD777flyer
Alaska B738 KPDX Gate 17 N/A
WestJet B737 CYYC Gate 19 N/A
Southwest B738 KSJC Gate 21 @zion89
United B767 KORD Gate 23 N/A
American B772 KDFW Gate 27 @A320_Flyerboy19
Alaska B738 PANC Gate 29 N/A
Hawaiian A321 KSAN Gate 33 N/A
United B789 KSFO Gate 35 N/A
Delta B767 KSLC Gate 39 @plane_guy12


Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Aloha Air Cargo B737 PHNL Cargo 1 N/A
Aloha Air Cargo B737 PHNL Cargo 2 N/A
Aloha Air Cargo B737 PHNL Cargo 3 N/A

The old one that I made got closed, and I was unable to edit it.


bump it up

What time is departure in EST?

Sorry for the late response, if I did the math correctly, it should be 1:30 pm your time EST.

Can I swipe this gate? I just wanted to make sure on the time because I am hoping my way over here from KIAD.

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Sorry, but bump!

Can I have this gate

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You have been added!!

I’ll take:

Aloha Air Cargo B737 PHNL Cargo 1


departing now

Well i’m airborne, thanks @A320_Flyerboy19 for organising this event, and thanks to all who participated, even small events are nice to take part in.

Thanks for the event @A320_Flyerboy19. I enjoyed it.

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