[Completed] 28JUN20 / 1430Z - Core-6 Joint Event Series 2020 | #2 | Across The Pond @ KJFK/KEWR

Alright thanks.

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Thank you for setting up an amazing Event @Balloonchaser !! Your work is much appreciated!

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Massive apologies, but after due to my VA not being able to attend on short notice, and taking me late into the night, I have school tommorow, and am being safe so I can have a good night’s sleep by leaving this event. Once again, my apologies, and hope you can enjoy this event. 🙃

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I’ll take American any gate!

I thought the event was at 4:30… ugh! My bad

All good! Within the month of July, we will come back together in full force for the 3rd event! :)

Are we allowed to step-climb during the flight?

100%. Go for it! Check with your VA :)

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Awesome event @Balloonchaser!! I will be attending the next one!


Great event! Can’t wait for your next one!

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So firstly, I would like to thank everyone who attended this event! Huge shoutout to British Airways VA as well as Alaska Air VA and Nonstop Virtual for coming out in full force!

Secondly, I would like to formally apologize. This event didn’t specifically live up to its name. That is 100% my fault! I was very unclear about a few key details of this event which caused some VA’s to be unable to attend due to prior commitments and such of that sort. As an event planner, I should’ve been more clear with the planning team. This is something that we will work hard for next event to make it the best event ever!

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See everyone in a couple of weeks for our next event over in Europe!


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