[COMPLETED] 28FEB21/1630Z Paradise Island Jump @FMEE to FIMP

  • Aircraft and Livery: A350 Air Mauritius or B787 Air Austral

  • Route: FMEE to FIMP

  • Time of Departure: Spawn at 2021-02-28T16:30:00Z and Pushback at 2021-02-28T16:40:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information:
    It is a 20 minutes fly from Reunion Island🇷🇪 to Mauritius Island🇲🇺…
    Also, a flyback could be organized if participants want to do a flyback!
    A group pm will be created if there are more than 2 pilots joining me in this regional flight.

Is an Air Austral 77L fine?

When is this in EST not really use to Zulu

If you want, it’s ok!


Rippp can’t do it

Ok no worry!.. Maybe next time!

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Doing an ultra long haul and my landing has been delayed 3hrs (should be landing in about 2hrs) due to persistent headwinds at 100+ knots, so I cant make it sorry
Good luck though

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Ok no worry @Ahmed1… Have a nice flight and safe landing…

I will make an event on 12MAR at FIMP for Mauritius Independence day… if you wish you can participate later on… would be glad to see you!

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Will it be on training or expert? I would love to join, but if it is expert then I cant join as I can only go back onto expert server at the end of march (Im sure you know already)

Yes saw it the OMDB FlyOut PM… Most probably Training

Yeah I knew you’d know
Ok then, hopefully I’ll see you there

If @Ahmed1 and @Julien_Narayanasawmy are gonna make ES events, please wait for November… Haha

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Actually could it be 13th, just because I remembered I have school that day and am unlikely to be able to fly after school since my school days are long

The same goes for my IFATC written and practical…

Lol sorry @IF_International , I just want to get out of TS asap !!!
Cough cough then I can make events on ES cough cough

Me too… It’s annoying seeing people troll at KLAX with 30+ planes on the ground watching and holding up traffic

Can you make ES and TS events alternatively?

Could do, but they will be quite rare

Since you have school?