[Completed!] - [26 Attended!] - [Partnered with Southwest Virtual and Plane & Pilot] - Richmond Flyout! @ KRIC - 231530ZMAR19

Richmond International Flyout

Credit: https://ideastations.org/radio/news/richmond-international-airport-breaks-all-time-annual-passenger-record-2017

> About Richmond INTL

> Event Information
Time - 2019-03-23T15:30:00Z
Region - Virginia, USA
Airport - KRIC - Richmond
Server: Expert Server

> Airlines that operate at KRIC

  • Allegiant Air [Concourse B]
  • American Airlines [Concourse A]
  • American Eagle [Concourse A]
  • Delta Airlines [Concourse B]
  • Delta Connection [Concourse B]
  • JetBlue Airways [Concourse A]
  • Southwest Airlines [Concourse B]
  • Spirit Airlines [Concourse B]
  • United Airlines [Concourse B]
  • United Express [Concourse B]

> Gates

Concourse A (FULL!)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
A02 A319-100 American KCLT @JohnT
A03 737-800 American KMIA @JIA_345
A04 CRJ-200 American KLGA @TheFlyingGuy1
A05 737-800 American KDFW @Pilot_Waters
A06 E190 JetBlue KBOS @Matthew_20204
A07 A320-200 JetBlue KMCO @A350iscool
A08 A320-200 JetBlue KFLL @Marco_Rdz

Concourse B (FULL!)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
B01 737-900 United KORD @anon82774985
B02 737-900 United KDEN @epicETgaming2112
B03 CRJ-700 United KIAD @travelingcornstalk
B04 CRJ-700 United KIAD @simopoint
B05 737-900 United KDEN @Luke_Sta
B06 A320-200 Spirit KMCO @Cargo
B07 737-800 Southwest KATL @Steve_Garcia
B08 737-800 Southwest KATL @AviationJack
B09 737-700 Southwest KATL @JeromeJ
B10 737-800 Southwest KMCO @BigBert10
B11 A320-200 Alleigant KPIE @InfiniteHenry
B12 737-900 Delta KATL @Game_player
B13 737-900 Delta KATL @RednoseHeavy
B14 Leader Leader Leader @InfiniteNick

Cargo (FULL!)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
Cargo 01 757-200 UPS KSDF @Rishon_R
Cargo 02 757-200 UPS KSDF @DylanIE
Freight Ramp 01 MD-11F FedEx KMEM @DanyyRude
Freight Ramp 02 MD-11F FedEx KIND @zand3r

North GA (4 Gates Remaining)

(Make sure to request your aircraft for these gates)

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
North GA - 01 Citation X Private KDCA @Airbus_737
North GA - 02 TBM-930 Private KCHO @Skyler.Cooper
North GA - 03 TBM-930 Private KPIE @Just_lemons
North GA - 04 Any GA Aircraft Private KFVX
North GA - 05 Any GA Aircraft Private KCKI
North GA - 06 Any GA Aircraft Private KFCI
North GA - 07 Any GA Aircraft Private KHEF

> Notams

  1. Please remain professional at all time!
  2. Spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before the start of the event!
  3. If there is no ATC present, please remain professional on Unicom!
  4. Departing runways and taxi instructions will be told a day before the event.
  5. A chat will be made a day before the event to communicate.


This event is now sponsored by Southwest Virtual! There is a limited amount of Southwest gates left! Get them while you can!

Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

More Info

This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @Peter_S.


Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight | Slack

This event is also sponsored by Plane & Pilot!
Make sure to get a General Aviation gate before they’re out!

I would like to thank the sponsors for helping make this event possible!

It would make me so happy if we could have a good outcome, as this is my home airport, and this is my first event. c:

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I’ll take B9 in a Southwest 737-700 to KATL. When you add B9, please

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Alright, I will add you. I am currently adding Concourse B as we speak.

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I’ll take B8 to Orlando with Southwest 737

Alright! You’ve been added!

Any Southwest Gates left? If so I will take one to Atlanta!

Sure, that’ll be the last gate to Atlanta. c:


I will take B14 DLA 739 to KATL.
Greetings, RednoseHeavy ;)

Alright, you’ve been added! Thanks for joining, RednoseHeavy. :)

Alrighty, you are in! Thanks for joining! c:

Sorry I didint realize that my event is an hour after yours so can’t attend sorry

Oh, it’s alright. I’ll remove you from the list.

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I’ll grab gate B4 to KIAD! :)

Alrighty! You’ve been added! Thanks for joining!

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i will take gate B02 to KDEN

I’ll take B05 to KMCO

@epicETgaming2112 and @travelingcornstalk you both have been added! Thanks for joining!

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Gate B11 is to KSQR. Richmond INTL does not provide a direct route to Wilmington.

I forgot that I’m flying in another event that day. Would it be possible to change to a DC-bound flight?